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Apr 29th, 2009 | By | Category: News

Ambigram Magazine is proud to announce the addition of author and artist Nikita Prokhorov to the Ambigram.com team.

Since June of 2008, Nikita Prokhorov has been the owner and contributor to Ambiblog, one of the most popular ambigram related blogs on the Internet.

His interest in ambigrams was first peaked by seeing the ambigram designs in Dan Brown’s thriller Angels & Demons, much like most of the ambigram lovers out there.  But he didn’t want to just be an ambigram designer; he wanted to explore the design process behind ambigrams and how different & unique it is for each artist.  Thus, his Ambigram blog, or “Ambiblog” was born.  It was created to not just showcase ambigram design, but rather to explore the process and get insight from various ambigram artists across the world.  Ambiblog will be merging with Ambigram.com and Nikita will be joining the Ambigram.com team effective Wednesday, April 29th, 2009.

In addition to his interest in the design process of other ambigram artists, Nikita is an excellent ambigram artist himself.  You can see some of his design methodology at work in this set of Christmas cards he created that says “Merry Christmas” whether it is read upright or upside-down.  Note his use of graph paper to ensure that the design is perfectly symmetric.

Nikita's "Merry Christmas" ambigram

Nikita's "Merry Christmas" ambigram

Outside of ambigrams, Nikita is a freelancing graphic designer & a professor at Central Connecticut State University.  As a freelance graphic design, he has created work that was published by Logolounge and has written for HOW Magazine, one of the design industry’s most premier magazines.  His writing has also been published by The International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda).

Nikita will be publishing a new article every Wednesday, and you can read his article series by clicking on his name under “Our Contributors” at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar on every page.  Please welcome Nikita on board, and come back every week to read what’s new on “Nikita Wednesday”, here at Ambigram.com.

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  1. Nikita, I’m very pleased to read about your addition to the ambigram.com team. I’ve corresponded with the Editor who confessed that he had some initial doubts about having enough content to meet his weekly update deadlines. Now, with you aboard, I’m certain a large burden has been lifted, because the content resources are actually quite enormous. As I told the Editor, I am so glad to see ambigram.com come to life again, due in large part to designers, thinkers and contributors to the art form such as Nikita Prokhorov. I’ll be looking forward to your Wednesday contributions.

  2. Nikita, are you russian? :)

  3. Igor,
    Yes I am Russian. I assume you are as well. ;)

  4. Dear Nikita,
    I want to get a Tattoo with my two daughters names in it, Zoe and Zara.
    I want it to be an ambigram with two dots over the e and a & in the middle.
    I am willing to pay for a good design and wondered if you would be prepared to take on the challenge?
    It would be good to hear from you about what you think.
    Thank you
    Steve O

  5. Nikita.what is it called when you write numbers and you flip it over and says a word in letters?

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