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Toryn Green and his Ambigram Tattoos

Toryn Green and his Ambigram Tattoos

Toryn Green is probably best known as being the lead singer of the multi-platinum hard rock band Fuel and more recently as the touring lead vocalist for Apocalyptica.

Apocalyptica’s two recent singles (“I’m not Jesus” featuring Corey Taylor and “I Don’t Care” featuring Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace), are currently smashing the Active Rock Charts with “I’m Not Jesus” reaching top 10, and “I Don’t Care” hitting number 1.

Toryn was also featured on last year’s season finale of LA Ink, where he received an ambigram tattoo.  Together his forearms read “Angel” and “Saint” upright, but anyone who knows anything about ambigrams realizes that there is more to the story…

When inverted, Toryn’s “Angel” turns into a “Devil” and his “Saint” becomes a “Sinner”, reflecting the dual nature of a living rock star.

Toryn was raised in Wasilla, Alaska and moved to California in 1998. There he took his songwriting to the stage in his first band that came to be known as Patience Worth. Other members included Ryan Giles, Orion Rainz and Cesar Guevarra. The LA scene was home to many PW shows but eventually the band was moving in different creative directions which led to Toryn joining southern California rock band “Something To Burn”.

“Something To Burn” had an explosive energy that when combined, propelled the band to winning a global battle of the bands competition which allowed them to travel to Beijing and play for thousands of rock hungry students. Then just months later after kicking some more ass, represented the US in the World Battle Of The Bands competition.

Toryn Green at the Mike

Toryn Green at the Mike

In February of 2006 Ryan Giles phoned Toryn and told him that Fuel was looking for a singer and on a gamble he submitted an entry to the audition process. Weeks later he was told that he had made ot to the top twelve out of around 1300 who submitted. He ran into Scott Weiland (STP/Velvet Revolver) and asked him for advice going into the auditions and then played Scott a recent recording that he had made with Something To Burn.

The next day, Scott and his management called Toryn and the guys into his studio and offered the band a deal on his record label Softdrive Records. After a couple weeks of negotiations over the record deal, and then Toryn finally being selected as Fuel’s next vocalist, a choice had to be made. Toryn was in Fuel, and STB signed their deal after finding an amazing new vocalist named Greg Wayne. The rest is history.

Fuel recorded Angels and Devils on Epic Records from August to November 2006, and released the record in August of 07.. They toured off and on from May of 07 until February of 08 with bands such as Trapt, Submersed, and Endeverafter, and has appeared on numerous TV shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

In April of 08, Toryn was contacted by Apocalyptica to join them as lead singer for their US Worlds Collide Tour for both the spring tour and again in the fall of ’08. He also provided lead vocals for Apocalyptica’s US television debut on NBC’s “Last Call with Carsen Daly” which aired on 10/31/08. Plans for the next collaboration are already in the works..

See the LA Ink season finale where Toryn received an ambigram tattoo:

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  1. Toryn is a great singer! Love the video!

  2. Toryn is an AMAZING singer and amazing performer. I saw him a few years ago with Fuel at the Grove in Anaheim, CA, and he was so amazing on stage. he was full of energy and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! I even named my son after him :)

  3. my name is toryn reilly!!! so cool to know someone has my name out there. :)

  4. Hi Toryn!
    I met you at the whiskey on Halloween, Ive been listening to your music and you have a awesome voice! Looking forward to seeing you live! It was great meeting you! Hugs!

  5. thats a great picture of the tattoo I did on Toryn while I was tattooing in north hollywood at Graffiti Palace!! Thanks Guys!! if you would like to see more of my work search facebook for Mandie Hinrichs.

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