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If you love ambigrams, you will definitely want to check this out.

Angels & Demons Disc Set

The two-disc Blu-ray and the two-disc Extended Edition DVD releases of Ron Howard’s recently released Da Vinci Code sequel “Angels & Demons” will feature a special bonus feature called:

This is an Ambigram

This bonus chapter of the disc sets will feature ambigram artist John Langdon, and will discuss the ambigram designs that he created for the book and movie.  The bonus feature will also go into detail on how John Langdon became the inspiration behind Dan Brown’s leading character, Robert Langdon.

It is unclear if there will be a single disc release of the movie, and if so, whether it will contain this bonus.  Make sure to read the packaging before purchasing.

Our best sources indicate that the releases will occur on the following dates:

  • UK “Angels & Demons” release: Sept 14, 2009
  • German-language “Illuminati” release (“Illuminati” is the name being used for “Angels & Demons” in German): October 22, 2009
  • American “Angels & Demons” release: November 24, 2009.

If you love ambigrams (especially the work of John Langdon), you will definitely want to check out “This is an ambigram” on the “Angels & Demons” optical disc releases.

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  1. Did not know that there was a sequel to Angels and Demons.
    Cool. Now just waiting for this movie to release :)

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