“Symmetry, Art & Illusion” with Scott Kim

Mar 28th, 2011 | By | Category: Design Secrets

In April 2011, Scott Kim gave a presentation called “Symmetry, Art & Illusion” in New York City. Here is the link to the video of Scott’s presentation.

Math Encounters — Symmetry, Art, & Illusion — Scott Kim

Also take a look at the ambigram in the background of the poster.

Scott Kim - "Symmetry, Art & Illusion"

Scott Kim - "Symmetry, Art & Illusion"

The proceeds benefit the “Museum of Mathematics”, opening in Manhattan in 2012. For more information, visit mathencounters.org.

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  1. I watched some videos of Vi Hart a few minutes ago and … wow!
    I am from germany and I don’t understand every single word, but what she does is interesting and entertaining at the same time! I bet this presentation with Scott is one a kind! Fascinating :)

  2. It’s a shame I’m nowhere near New York on April 7th…

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