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The End: An Apocalyptic Celebration of Graphic Design was a design conference took place from the 24th to 25th of May. While the conference itself seemed like it was an fun event, with its amazing lineup of speakers and activities, we at were drawn to the ambigram identity for the conference. ‘The End’ ambigram served as a brandmark for the entire event and was used for backdrops, signs, and other event-related materials. The folks at the studio responsible for the event, Golpeavisa, were kind enough to share their process and answer a few questions regarding the ambigram created for the conference. [NOTE: All designs are copyrighted by and property of Golpevisa. We have permission to post them here for the purposes of this article only. For any other use, please contact the artist.] I think we can start this interview with the most predictable question: Why did you choose an ambigram as the main logomark for ‘The End’ design conference? Was it a choice from the start, or did the design evolve into the ambigram as the process progressed?
Golpevisa Well, to tell you the truth, we weren’t looking for an ambrigam at first. We started with regular logo sketches, but as we progressed with the design, we found that we were not accomplishing what we wanted to tell. To put you in context, we live in Maya territories, and the Mayans predicted the end of “something” in 2012, (That’s why people started to say it was the end of the world). We believe it’s only the end of a “cycle”, so we asked ourselves, Why not an ambigram? Since that was a very good way in which we could represent the turning around, the cycles and eras of the mayans, and also the ‘never ending’ quality of an ambigram gave us a good counterbalance to the weight of the ‘The End’ name.

Complicated? Yes. Fun? A lot. Before creating the ambigram for the conference, have you created any other ambigrams? If yes, would it be possible to see examples of them?
Golpevisa This one was our first one. What was the most difficult part about creating the identity for this conference and developing the ambigram?
Golpevisa Legibility. After the ambigram was introduced and seen by conference attendees, what was the response to it? Did everyone know what an ambigram was?
Golpevisa Pretty much everybody liked it, from the name to the ambigram. Who is your favorite ambigram artist?
Golpevisa We didn’t really know any artists before hand, the answer has to be John Langdon. What is your favorite ambigram?
Golpevisa We always loved Earth, Air, Fire, Water from John Langdon.

Dear folks at Golpevisa, thank you for doing this interview with and giving us some insight into your process. 

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  1. Very cool. Reminds me of the final song off Pink Floyd’s – The Wall.

  2. Nice! I wish we saw more ambigrams out in the wild.

  3. We will…soon.

  4. Nice… Legibility factor is still not that… good. (couldn’t read on first try) But the beautiful strokes, once you understand letter placement, is simply beautiful.

  5. I prefer the left final design most. It more legible than the right one.
    You’ve doe great job guys!!:))

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