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Nov 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: News, Quick Draw

Fellow ambigrammists & artists, welcome to the new section of our website, Quick Draw! This new challenge was born out of ambigram exchanges between several designers. Here is a brief summary of how the Quick Draw challenge will work.

- Every week to two weeks, 2 ambigrammists will be randomly chosen by and will be given a word to turn into an ambigram.
- After approximately a week, the sketches and final ambigrams will be emailed to, along with a paragraph or two from the artists describing their approach to this ambigram. Those ambigrams will then be posted in the new Quick Draw section for everyone to observe and comment on.

The idea behind this section is to see how different designers approach the same ambigrams, what their methodology is, and how quickly their mind works. The first pair has already been selected and given a challenge, and the results of their challenge will be posted next week. As always, we look forward to some fantastic work!

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  1. This is awesome.. :) How will you let the selected artist know? and what is the list of artists?

  2. cool..:) i am rearing to go..:)

  3. I wanna be included!! How do we sign up?

  4. Jen and Anoop

    Email me at if you want to participate in a future quick draw.

    Thank you!


  5. Prajyot,
    To answer your question…this is a brand new article idea, and nothing is set in stone yet. We will see how the first few rounds go, and will go from there. All we know is that it will be fun! ;)


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  7. Hi,

    I had started with a similar but different idea, which ended up miserably as very few people participated. Also it wasn’t well organised.

    My thought was to ask all the ambigramist to ambigram a word which everyone agrees to do. ‘phychedelic’ was the word which got the majority of votes and we decided to do the same.

    I asked everyone not to publish their work anywhere so that no design is influenced by the other. Once I finished my work, I asked people to send me their work and I shared my work(and other works I had with me) with them.

    I have got 7 designs of the same word and are unique.

    The same concept can be implemented and a gallery can be created for every word if many people would like to participate in it.


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