Quick Draw 13

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Quick Draw is back! We took a few weeks off due to several big announcements and challenges at Ambigram.com, but now we return to our regularly scheduled…ambigramming? Let’s take a look at the work of John Moore and Vasileios Stergioudis, who took the time out of their schedules to create ambigrams for this challenge.  [NOTE: All designs are copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

John Moore

It is interesting to create ambigrams; you really do not know what will be the end result, multiple transformations happen to the pair of endless decisions to be taken in the march, you often insists on finding a solution, but it happens in ways often not anticipated, and in most cases, it is usually always the simplest one that you could have imagined. Create an ambigram is to enter a jungle and find the most unexpected places.












Vasileios Stergioudis

While the requirement for this Quick Draw was only one ambigram, Vasileios went above and beyond the call of duty and developed four ambigrams!

At first, I tried deliberately to do a one-by-one letter combination to form HighVoltage. The central O matched perfectly! The G-A combination was relatively easy to do, but the rest (H-E, I-G, T-H and V-L) was a challenge. I had to come up with an idea that could fit them all. So, I set that every letter would be consisted of two stems and some points for the letters H, E and A. T and L were a big problem though. In the vector format I designed a few versions and I chose a round format instead of an angled one. T exceeds top line and L is an upside down V (like a lower case L). The horizontal bar of T is now a replaced by a giant battery, expressing the meaning of the words. The colours had to be reddish and yellowish, just like a battery charging up.
























I tried to draw two different mirror ambigrams, one for every word. The two Hs in High were perfect. After some sketches, the IG seemed beautiful I think. V would mirror as an E, G as an O and LT as a lowercase A. I used an element, a little dot, in every letter so as to achieve it.”Sketch”Here is the final version. The stem of G in “High” forms a battery. These things (grey in coloured version) are outcome of my handling to IG and the oblique angle of T which left an empty space that I had to fill. As for the star, I don’t know why I drew it, it just came to my mind it had to be there.

























Final in black & white

















Final in color

I decided to do a two-words ambigram, that is both “high” and “voltage” would return to themselves. “High” was pretty easy and would put as a background. Time for voltage: V would turn as an lower case E. O would form the bowl of G. L and T would form an lower case A. The tail of G would also form the horizontal part of T. Moreover, the tops of L and T would form the shape of a battery, idea that I didn’t eventually follow. I wasn’t pleased with “High”, so I’d prefer to try something different. Then I thought of Origami… what if I would fold the paper and read “High”? Therefore, I designed some lightnings as a background. The four corners (between little lines) now form “High”. The top and bottom two vertical lines must touch each other and the horizontal as well.  























Final 1












Final 2

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  1. Quickdraw has been revived with an elevated level of electromotive force. From the unbelievable style of Mr. Moore to the extreme creative powers of Mr. Stergioudis….and thanks to both for creating multiple visuals. This is one of my favorite Quickdraws!!!!

  2. It’s great to see quickdraw back! And these are some great entries! Excellent work, both of you!

  3. This is not quick draw!!! Should I believe that these were submitted within 1 week???

    Oh.. These are much more beautiful than many ACAC submissions!!! Great quality brought back to the QDs. Great job both of you!

    Thinking if I should withdraw from QD to maintain the quality ;)

  4. Thanks a lot Guys!!!

    Clayton, your words make me happy. :)
    Jennifer, thanks a lot! :)
    Sharath, yes. They were submited within 1 week. :) And no, don’t withdraw.

    John, just great! This ”VOL” design is awesome!!! And then, the two Gs are almost the same, which is perfect for me. Though, the thing that I like most is not found in the center of the word. It is the IG-a, just a perfect A. Clap clap! And it would be perfect for a stamp on a t-shirt too!

    For those who cannot understand my last ambigram, I uploaded a video in rapidshare. Hopefully the editors will permit my posting it. It is what I call a Fold Ambigram. It is the first one and I hope I will continue on creating Fold Ambigrams. You can download the video here:

  5. @Stergioudis: Great idea and the video is surely useful for those who would like to attempt this kind of ambigram. I love it.

    It looks to have a great scope. Currently the 4 corners of the sheet make the ambirgram. How about different folds creating different words(need not be ambigram)? It would be the perfect fold symbiotogram ;)

    Thanks for that idea. Hope to try out sometime in future and I won’t withdraw. We need some some untidy ambigrams here ;)

  6. First of all many thanks to Ambigram Magazine for inviting me to this new challenge.
    When actually was invited me know if I was not able to solve. After inverting two words I started to explore the possibilities of rotation for individuals, couples and Triplets, it’s whereI found the possibilities of creating Glyphos for each poblem, the biggest problemwas to solve that in a center, what remains the spiral allowing the reversibilityit is noted that electricity generators are centrifugal, an idea that certainly led me tothese solutions and sharp style, almost medieval, electric type had already beenminted in my mind and was instrumental in solving the problems go that werepresented.

    About the proposals sent by Mr. Stergioudis is awesome!!, the rotational is reallyamazing how you manage to complete the word as you used forms are not easyto handle, by my experience, geometric characters, by its rigid structure hinder the links between them and hence its ambiguity and therefore reading. In particular I like how you solved the mirror ambigram, I confess that all the way, the mirror is much moredifficult for me to create, but did you know your address with great skill and that makes me jealous hehe!!!
    Ray version is just electrocuted me, yeah!!!, really funny and very related to the topic.
    Greetings to all fans of this delightful, funny, instructive and useful, if not avant-garde page called Ambigram Magazine :¬D

  7. Here is my version of it:

    Voltage is not as HIGH as what John Moore has created but I could create an all upper case solution.

    John, you have created a monster. Eye catching.

  8. My final mirror ambigram uploaded here:
    It’s muck more simple and clearer. :)

  9. @Stergioudis: VOLTAGE looks better in this one. :)

  10. @Sharath: Yep. :) I could have worked on this during the week of Quick draw, but I focus on the rotational fold ambigram. Hehe. :)

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