Quick Draw 5

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This Quick Draw the artists were challenged in two different ways. They had to tackle a difficult word…and they had to do the Quick Draw completely by hand! Take a look at their work, and tell us (and the artists) what you think! [NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

Anoop Pai

When I saw the word that had to be ambigrammed, I thought Nikita was mocking me, as he knows how big a devotee I am of Federer. but he wasnt and I was more than happy to be a part of this challenge.

I think this is the first quick draw challenge with a rule! the ambigram had to be hand drawn. But that really wasnt a problem to me because I only hand draw my works. The toughest part for me was to come up with a fresh solution as I had already done a “Federer” ambigram earlier.

And as you all can see from the rough draft, its all chaotic. But thats how I work. I keep doodling, scribbling, jotting, scrawling, squiggling and keep getting different different ideas. In other words, order from chaos as Robert Langdon said in Lost Symbol. Once I get a satisfactory solution I proceed to the final solution which is just drawing the rough one little better.

All in all I had a fun time drawing the ambigram of the person I worship. What was even wonderful was that I finished the ambigram just when Federer finished Nicholas Mahut.

Jennifer Thorne

I wanted to use this quick draw to work on my block lettering – it’s been a weakness of mine for a while.  I think I was relatively successful.  The hardest part was definitely the E; I desperately wanted to make it uppercase, as mixed case ambigrams tend to make me twitchy.

However, the E kept looking like an I to me, and I hated that even more, so I had the idea to make the lower-case Es look like tennis balls.  Again, I think I was relatively successful.  I can’t wait to see what my competition came up with!

Dear Jen and Anoop, thank you for participating in this month’s Quick Draw! If anyone else wants to participate in a future Quick Draw, email nikita@ambigram.com with the subject line “I want to Quick Draw!”

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  1. A very tricky word with a repeated letters (E and R) and I feel both artist achieved a pretty good solution.

    I am impressed with the lettering style in both the designs.
    Jennifer’s solution seems to be much more legible, simple and clever (with tennis balls used for ‘e’).
    Anoop’s lettering style has improved and it is beautiful. But legibility suffers a bit. It was a brave decision to combine almost 3 letters to 1 (FED/R).

    Nikita, nice word choice.. With Jennifer’s approach things were kept pretty simple, else it is a tough challenge to maintain consistency of repeating letters.

  2. Very nice solution Jennifer. Liked the colouring and the application of the tennis ball.
    @Sharath- i went for this solution as i had already done another version of the ambigram before. but i want to thank u for your complements. :)

  3. Very nice work you two!:)

    Jenifer : i like your solution for D/R, its so original. :) but i think your E ia more like O. Maybe you can gift a little space in the letters.

    Anoop : I have same comment with Sharath Kumar there. Its a little bit hard to read the F (i think its more like C in curvaction)

    thats from me, i want to try to make this ambigram too.:)

  4. I love your style, Anoop! Can you share the original solution you came up with before?

  5. m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=103103593054272&id=100000638950381&set=a.103103449720953.7131.100000638950381
    this is the link to my first Federer ambigram..

  6. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=103103593054272&set=a.103103449720953.7131.100000638950381&type=3

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