Quick Draw Round 2

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The results of the second Quick Draw are here! For the second round, Daniel Dostal and John Moore were the chosen ambigrammists. Read on to find out about their process, as well as see the developmental sketches and final results! [NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

Daniel Dostal

Image 01, Daniel Dostal

(01)The first try-on I started immediatelly after receiving an e-mail from Ambigram.com. I received this mail in my phone and quickly turned the screen 180 degrees. I checked the arrangement of the letters and for the moment I knew that it is possible to create this ambigram. I think, a lot of ambigram makers arrange ambigrams in their minds before they start to draw.

Image 02, Daniel Dostal

(02) I started drawing a series of sketches. I always admire perfect sketches of other artists. My sketches are chaotic. From this chaos emerges the outline of the project. I’m testing combinations of letters, style of the ambigram, possible ornaments. (02)After several attempts, I know what effect I want to achieve and draw the last sketch, which will be the basis for the vector version.

Image 03, Daniel Dostal
(03) Vector contours of the letter I create using Bezier curves. Some elements like “T” letter are different from the sketch. Simplicity of the modifications of the curves causing a lot of changes at this stage.
Image 04, Daniel Dostal
(04) Basic ambigram, based on the sketch version of the ambigram is ready.

Image 05, Daniel Dostal
(05) Time for related ornaments. I decided on a racing flag symbol.
Image 06, Daniel Dostal
(06) After this stage I noticed, that the shape of the letters is too soft and don’t fit to the sharp racing flag. Because of that I decided to sharpen the shapes of the letters.

Image 07 & 08, Daniel Dostal
(07 & 08) Final ambigram after all ammendments.
The whole process took several hours – without a break. In retrospect I see that the first version is more readable, and I should return to some solutions in it. Usually, making ambigram I interrupt work on a day or two to look at it from another perspective. But this is QuickDraw challenge and there is no time for further changes.

John Moore

At first when I saw the word Gran Turismo I thought it would be very difficult to be two words. I started as I always do, writing the words, but do not use black ballpoint pen, there sensed that the reversal of words possible. The ‘G’ and ‘O’ are familiar, so the ‘m’ may contain ‘ra’ in the same way that the ‘No’ to ‘is’, then I did the sketch shown below.

Developmental sketches. John Moore.

To determine a level of style prior to the computer I did sketches of some letters pairings. From there I went straight to do digital. To me it is a waste of time to complete a scketch of something that is easier to compose on the computer.

Detailed ambigram sketches. John Moore.

Final GranTurismo ambigram. John Moore.

Thank you to Daniel and John for participating in the second round of Quick Draw!  The next pair has been selected and they will be notified of their ambigram within a few days. Until then, keep ambigramming! And as always, if you want to participate in a future round of Quick Draw, email nikita@ambigram.com with the subject line “I want to Quick Draw!”

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  1. Great! I really liked the subject, two excellent designs, and with some similarities in construction. Congratulations!

  2. @Daniel – While your image 7/8 are incredibly stylish and creative, I think I prefer your image 6. It is very clean and most readable…and your sketches look TOO cool to be sketches…stop making us look like amatures!! I do like the O-G solution in your final iteration. Great Job Daniel.
    @John – Great consistency in your font selection. Very simple and clean look. I particularly like your second R solution, but feel that you could have made the same solution work for the “first R” for full consistency. I also like the cleanness of the S glyph.

    can read and not boring :)

  3. @Ryan – I better see this on the front of a car soon. Get to work.

  4. Oh, Round 2! Very very cool again.
    But before i write my comments … is it possible to get all pictures in a high resolution again?
    This tiny images make me mad. I want to take a look at the details. Curves, corners, etc. etc.
    Please give us huge huuuge pics :)
    Thanks so far.

  5. Bjorn, if the tiny images make you mad, may I suggest meditation to calm you down? ;)

    I’m only kidding…and not sure why the images did not link to the larger photos. I will fix that asap.

  6. Once again, Great job to both of you!!!

    @ Daniel, I love how you ended up with the great “O” and “G” in the final images. The rest of the design just progresses into an outstanding final image. I love the added checker design that is very Gran Turismo in nature. I have to agree with Clayton, you are making this look too easy and making us all look bad in the process. Kidding, Great job!

    @ John, your use of cursive in an ambigram takes the design to a whole new level. I was never good at cursive in daily life, let alone in an ambigram design. Your overall final image has a great look to it, I love how easy to read it is and how well the lines and spacing flow in the overall design.

    This is another great week of designs. Both artists managed to capture the feel of such a great car and the heritage that follows it. I think we would have been spoiled had both designers worked on a single image and both of their designs were combined in a way to make one great final image.

    Great Job Guys!!!

  7. There is only one word as a comment.. AWESOME..
    We as ambigrammists select our own words.
    But here we are given a word which makes it as challenge in its own accord..
    Daniel and John.. excelleny ambigrammy..

  8. Sorry Clayton, my people have the day off today, so this is the best I can do on short notice:


  9. Ok, the baby’s entertaining herself nicely, so I had some time, and managed to fire up the forge to cast a new metallic version for my Mazerati…


    Anyone else gonna try one?

  10. It’s interesting (to me, anyway) to note that Daniel and John both chose to centre their designs on the ‘u’, and both designs turn the first “n” into the “is” at the end.
    Conversely, I centred my design on the space between the “u”and the “r”, and used the “t” for the “i”, while the “n” just makes the “s” alone.
    Otherwise, the “g” to “o” and “ra” to “m” sort of force themselves on you, as far as I can figure… unless anyone has an alternative…?

  11. @Ryan – Fantastic. You’re like Magneto on the X-men, pulling metal out of all you see. But you are a sculptur, so it’s natural. Nice work. I had done a very quick 30 second sketch and I also had the UR turning between the T — I. Interesting. This is a great exercise, but for me mostly great lessons. Too embarassed to post my lame sketch. Mabey (no pun intended) next time.

  12. In my opinion John’s ambigram is better than mine. Both ambigrams based on the same modifications, but his letters are much more natural and clear. My favorite John’s modification is N/IS glyph. A simple and ingenius solution.
    Ryans’s solutions are very intresting and cool.
    Images in higher resolution I will place on my blog.
    Editor switched the order of the drawings, but I think the pictures speaks more than my comments.

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  14. The third round of Quick Draw is amazing! I will be finalizing the content and posting everything by Saturday, as well as notifying the next pair. Prepare to be amazed…

  15. I will be amazed if it’s not another automobile brand… ;)

  16. Daniel Dostal is a bit over dramatic with his Photo-shopped “sketches” isn’t he? Look, I overlapped my colored version over my “sketch”.

    Both are ok. I think this is great for a QUICK DRAW.

    I would love to see them do Harley Davidson , that has to be quite difficult to quick draw. My brain is hurting already from thinking about it. Outer letters not so much, but the center letters? OUCH!

    Or they could drop the gas powered theme and go with something else.

  17. Jeffery,

    Trust me when I say that the theme for Quick Draw 3 (which has been completed and will be posted later on) is as far away from the ‘gas powered’ theme as possible.

    Regarding your other comments, why don’t you enter a future Quick Draw and see if you can do better? ;)

  18. Nikita,

    I will take you up on that offer. Also, my name is spelled Jeffery. :)

    The Non-Gas-Powered theme sounds awesome.

  19. Jeffery,
    Glad to hear you’re going to answer the challenge! Shoot me an email, and we’ll plug you into one of the future rounds.


  20. [...] For complete results and comments click here – http://www.ambigram.com/qd-round2 [...]

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