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The Ambimatic Free Ambigram Generator

This “Ambimatic” (also known as the “Ambigram Matic”) was the world’s first ambigram generator, and is still the only FREE ambigram generator today. It was first put on the Internet right here at back in 1996. It performs simple letter inversions, so the two words need to be the same length, and the quality may vary.

You may try it below.

Ambimatic ambigram

Example output: an ambigram of the word "Ambimatic"

We are pleased to offer you this service for free. If you are not satisfied with the results of the free ambigram generator, you may need to try a commercial Ambigram Generator instead.

Instructions: Type one word and click 'Go' to make your ambigram. Type two (different) words of the same length to create a symbiotogram, where one word inverts to become the other.
Instructions: Type one word and click 'Go' to make an ambigram. Type two (different) words of the same length to create a symbiotogram, where one word inverts to become the other.
Word one:  (required)   
Word two:  (optional)

We do not have plans to update the font style for this free service. There are commercial sites you can visit if you wish to create an ambigram tattoo or to create a higher quality design.

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  1. Cool. :) I love the symbiotograms. Cheers!

  2. Its crap.. aston villa doesnt work :S it has O’s in it and everything wtf

  3. soooooo cool. it is a fantastic website! even the rubish words i type in r still progressed

  4. Aston Villa does work as do may others. Great work

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  8. this was cool

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  10. Meh, I guess it’s pretty good for being like the first attempt at a generator, but there’s no better way than to have an ambigram made up on the spot for any given word.

  11. its bad it cant do jenn & rick

  12. it doesnt work that good justin goes jussn

  13. omg this is so kool we found this at skool and we played about on it in maths. we typed in our full names and the ramdom words. it is so amazing. wow wow wow wow wow. i have added this to my favourat website. and put it in the skool magizen.

  14. This is a fantastic website and i always go on it in maths when we got free time so GOD BLESS TO WHO CREATED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  16. this site sucks it looks like a little kid did it…all jiberish..there are way better sites for it!

  17. whoever created this program is a genius. It takes talent to create such programs

  18. well i do not understand the A/S and N/P

  19. Great! I use this site to find a base pattern for my own ambigram. However I like make an ambigram with my pencils. Thanks a lot for make this site!

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  21. It’s fine to use your free generator. Thanks


  23. i thought this site waas good but if i typed in annie and kirst it came all weird

  24. dont like the font!

  25. i had to tweek the c/n because it looks like a u and an n, i chanced it so it looks like a c with a little decorative line below it and to the left, which really helped, just a thought

  26. crap.flipscript ambigram generator is 100 times better.

  27. its ok…i’d prefer it if we could choose different fonts for it

  28. Nice, it does take some concentration to read the words but it’s a great tool nonetheless

  29. When my friend my ambigram name, he only said- HHOOO…. It’s amazing

  30. A sorry excuse for a ambigram! WOW! I might just poke my eyes out!

  31. love and hope
    kiss and kill
    these they work
    really well

  32. I know something kool
    type in racecar in both bixes and see wot happens!:D

  33. Wow! It’s really cool. Now I have an ambigram of my name, all my friends will be shocked!

    For Olli
    Ha-Ha, that’s nice=)

  34. its very good generator of Ambigram

  35. it’svery impresssive

  36. Your site is the ONLY generator that could do my name (Gina) and my fiance’s (Deon). WELL DONE!!

    Thanks, you rock,

  37. are there no other font styles? only this?


  39. Hmmm. I don’t like the result for the ambigram of my name. I’m looking for a better one. Can anyone give me another site wherein i can generate another ambigram of my name? Thanks.

  40. most of the letters have strange results, but this is pretty good. also, that flipscript website is AWESOME. :)

  41. very interesting, must have been hard work to gather all the combinatorial

  42. this is artful..!!!!!

  43. It is good for somethings but interesting words like illuminati turn out crap

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  45. This shit is awesome! I love angel-demon simboligram. with some math I foud out that there are 2704 letters in this alphabet(if you don’t count the i and some other letters).

  46. omg! so cool!! XD

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  48. This is okay i guess this actually alright but it maybe can improve a bit

  49. [...] Also called the “Ambigram-matic”, the Ambimatic was the first ambigram generator, and was released here at in 1996.  It can still be found (and used) here: [...]

  50. is way better

  51. It’s OK… but yes, I would still say is better…

  52. Awesome! But can you make a better font? Looks like a 5 years old kid made that font :C

  53. Damn nice! Just make the ‘s’ like ‘a’ a little ‘a’ like. Improving the whole font will not hurt, though.

  54. Great but I have two suggestions.
    1 – RR is a little too straight to match the rest of the font. Curve the upright stroke a little.
    2 – CW That’s a tough combo but if you included a loop in the middle of the W, the C side would look like you just did a little curly thing at the top. (Hope that made sense)

  55. do u not do any other styles of writting?

  56. It said the both the names have to be the same length …thats not how a ambigram design works !
    Disappointed !!

  57. [...] Ambimatic è un generatore di ambigrammi gratuiti, ma produce generalmente risultati piuttosto rozzi.  Un ottimo generatore a pagamento è  Glyphusion, ideato da Mark Hunter: è davvero ben fatto e produce ambigrammi in maniera molto simile a quella umana; è possibile provare il generatore a questa pagina: il risultato serve solo da anteprima, poi se si desidera è possibile acquistare un gadget con l’ambigramma creato; può essere un’ottima idea per dei regali originali. [...]

  58. Pls make a perfect ambigram

  59. i actually sat down after a friend showed me a really neat ambigram he did for his name and tried to figure out by myself how to make one for my name, and this generator drew almost precisely the same pattern as i came up with.

    anyway, these things are beautiful.

  60. Lettering is terrible and it says that both words must be the same length, which I know isn’t true. Very disappointed.

  61. Have you ever consired making generator with numbers working?

  62. awesome!

  63. This is pretty cool for ambigrammists who need a head start on creating an ambigram.
    Flipscript is better, but you gotta pay for it, and Flipscript doesn’t do cusses. *tee-hee*

  64. oh god its so bad its not even funny

  65. Brilliant – I tried “Time Bomb” and it worked really well – For a beginner ambigrammer (like me) this is a great little starter ! Well done – love your work (NAGFA’s blogspot is amazing :-)

  66. Wow, i like the results. Thank you! I will try to recommend this to my friends..

  67. i hate the font!!!

  68. Nice and.easy

  69. Awsome idea

  70. useless!!!!!!

  71. the font style sucks.

  72. iloveambigram

  73. u people suckkk. these ambigramss are veryy uglyy

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