Matchbox Art

Apr 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Fun Stuff

Weird and wonderful, this amazing collection of images celebrates the unique art form of miniaturist matchbox label art. Created by unknown artists all over the world, these designs can be viewed upside down or right side up (which is why we published them in Ambigram Magazine). This is the only place you’ll find this collection.

Click a thumbnail on the left-hand side to choose a picture. Then, move your mouse over the large picture that appears to see it rotate.

Italy 1870
Although these aren't technically ambigrams, we knew that you'd appreciate them anyway.
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  1. i love it. the most fun i’ve had in ages.

  2. Tammee if this is the most fun youve had in ages you need to get laid girl! or smoke some weed that makes nothing fun.

  3. Amazing pictures.Really fun to see these pictures. My personal favorite is the hussar & the horse.

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  5. That is so cool!

  6. Amazing!!!! Its worth watching these superb pictures

  7. WOW! That is so amazing how people created it

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  9. Both the picture and the article are awesome!!! Love it lol!!!

  10. listen this is not what iii wanted to see. . .tessellations are not like this . . .theese are people upside down even though it did amuse everybody in my classand i thought i was gone get in trouble but my teacher seen it and saw what we were lookin at and wanted to see more to !!!!!!=)

  11. I love this one. I think it is my favorite.

  12. cool

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  14. Lovely, takes me back to a time when people and companies took the time to make things a little more interesting, now it’s all cheap mass produced crud with no soul. Compare a matchbox like this to some disposable lighter. Pity they aren’t up as jpeg as well, or a zip file, it would have been nice to download and print some of these

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