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iAmbigram for the iPhone and iPod Touch

iAmbigram for the iPhone and iPod Touch

iAmbigram is a unique application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to create ambigrams in the palm of your hand. Just tap out the two words for your design (or use their handy “suggestions” list) and the ambigram will instantly appear on screen. When you find a design you like, click “Accept” and you will see it in all of its glory against the background of your choice.

iAmbigram in Action

iAmbigram in Action

After you have created an ambigram, you can swipe your finger across it to spin it (which has a “gravity” feel to it), or just tilt your device to one side to let the ambigram right itself. After playing with the design, you can make wallpapers out of it, assign it as your “home” page, view it on different backgrounds, and even buy ambigram merch containing your design.

There is more information, and a video for the application on the product’s home page: www.iAmbigram.com.

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  1. can u make an ambigram for me.

  2. thankyou
    :) :):):):):):)

  3. Me gustaria que hicieras un ambigrama con mi nombre! gracias! :-)

  4. This is awesome…
    is there a way i could make one for myself?

  5. what a great job!!! love ambigrams…

  6. iTunes store says it’s not available in the U.S.! :-(

  7. Aha, the SECOND iTunes store link works!

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