FlipScript Ambigram Products

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FlipScript Ambigram Products

FlipScript Ambigram Products

If you’re an ambigram fan, you will want to check out FlipScript Ambigram Products, where you can create an ambigram and have it delivered to you in seconds, or use it to personalize gifts that you will “flip over”.

The unique thing about this site that separates it from others is that it has a button at the top of every page that says “Create New Ambigram”.  Clicking that ambigram generator button allows you to create an ambigram of your name, the name of a significant other or any two words you wish. Then, after you’ve created your ambigram design, you can instantly view it “live” on every product on the site.

It’s quite an innovative site, especially for the ambigram fan who wants to dazzle others with a show of creativity. The product prices start at just a few dollars for a basic Euro ambigram sticker or refrigerator magnet, up to hundreds of dollars for a custom titanium ambigram ring or gold ambigram name necklace.

While the products are generally excellent quality and the service is very good (contact with the company usually has you in a discussion with the founder), since every product is custom-made some of the items do take a little while to be created and delivered. So, if you are planning to purchase something from FlipScript site as a gift, either contact the company first to be sure that your gifts will be for the date you need them, or plan ahead and order in plenty of time.

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  1. This ambigram stuff is the coolest I have ever been intrested in. It is irresistable.

  2. is it true that ambigram is used by the ‘enlightened ones’……. ‘ILLUMINATI’

  3. Where did flipscript go?!

  4. i love this site!!!

  5. ambigram letters really amaze me haha!! is there a site that u can get a complete ambigram alphabet? thanjks keep rockin guys !! XD

  6. cool ambigram

  7. yes the original Illuminati document contained an ambigram of the same word, Illuminati. I believe it was the first one, written on May 1st, 1776.

  8. This is really amazing!!!!! This want i had been searching for….thanxs…

  9. Can you make it name to ambigram,when you flip it it can read at the same word .

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