There are some amazing artists and designers who frequent  The following is a partial list of the people in the ambigram community.

  • John Langdon – One of the original inventors of the ambigram art form, John Langdon also created several of the most famous ambigrams ever with his artwork for Dan Brown’s book “Angels and Demons”.  The lead character, Robert Langdon, was even named after him (and was played by Tom Hanks in the movie adaptation).
  • Scott Kim – Without knowing about John Langdon’s work, Scott Kim was also an independent inventor of ambigrams, and called his designs “inversions”.  His book by the same name showcases some of the earliest design works done in this space.
  • Punya Mishra – Punya brings a worldly flavor to the ambigram space by discussing ambigram artists around the world.  He also has an impressive collection of his own ambigrams, some of which have been previously published.
  • Keith Enevoldsen – Keith has a few of his custom ambigrams on his web page.  Keith creates designs occasionally as a hobby.
  • Daniel Dostal – Daniel Dostal’s ambigram style is complex, yet beautiful.  Although relatively new on the scene, it is clear that he has truly mastered the art of typography & letterform manipulation, and is considered by this site to be one of the premier ambigram artists in the world.
  • Roy Leban – Roy has been an ambigram and puzzle fan for many years, and is the founder of puzzle game company Puzzazz which even published an ambigram-related game called Wim.  Roy is one of the few people to have extensively studied the origin and history of ambigrams.
  • NAGFA – Husband and wife team Naguib and Fadilah use a combined version of their names to run their ambigram related web site with a variety of ecletic styles and treatments.  They have amassed quite a collection of designs that range from the simple to the simply beautiful.
  • Hud Nordin (01101001) – Hud has created a truly impressive collection of ambigrams of just about every style imaginable.  Hud doesn’t stop at just rotational ambigrams, but explores the entire ambigram palette in his list of creations.  His site is definitely worth a look!
  • Robert Maitland – This canadian ambigram artist once created one of the longest ambigrams we’ve ever seen with his “O Canada” work, and he has even written a guest blog entry for this site.  His style is eclectic, as Robert uses every tool in his creative toolbox to work out his designs.  His designs are always original, every time.
  • Jose Perez (Spanish) – There is not one single style that defines Jose’s work.  He creates ambigrams of several different types, in a variety of styles, often dedicated to a particular person.  If you can read Spanish, his blog is definitely worth a look.  Even if you can’t, the designs will speak for themselves.
  • Bastian Pinnenberg – Going by the name “NastyBasty”, you can tell that this German graphic designer enjoys the process of ambigram creation as much as the result.  He has created some very impressive designs over the years, and it has been wonderful to watch his progression as he has gained more experience in ambigram creation.