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The four Angels and Demons brands are shown only briefly in the movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s book.  In case you wanted to see them in a little more detail, here are the four ambigrams branded onto the chests of the Preferiti

"Angels and Demons" Earth Ambigram

"Angels and Demons" Earth Ambigram

The first brand was found on the cardinal buried underground.  It reads “Earth” no matter which was it is turned.  All of the ambigrams in “Angels and Demons” were drawn by artist John Langdon and are reproduced here with permission.

"Angels and Demons" Air Ambigram

"Angels and Demons" Air Ambigram

The “Air” ambigram was found on the cardinal whose lungs has been punctured.

"Angels and Demons" Fire Ambigram

"Angels and Demons" Fire Ambigram

The “Fire” ambigram was on the cardinal being burned alive in one of the most gruesome parts of the story.

"Angels and Demons" Water Ambigram

"Angels and Demons" Water Ambigram

The last brand was on the chest of Cardinal Baggio, who was attempted to be drowned in the Fountain of the Four Rivers.  In the book, Cardinal Baggio dies, but in the movie he is saved by Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), later to be named Pope.

Angels and Demons Illuminati ambigram

Angels and Demons Illuminati ambigram

Although not used a brand, the other ambigram design presented in the movie is the fax that launches Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) on his quest.

The “Angels and Demons” book also presented the “Illumanati Diamond” as the final brand that the Camerlingo uses upon himself. The movie replaces this final brand with a crossed keys symbol (not presented here), presumably because the Illuminati Diamond would have been too complex to digest in a 3 second close-up during the movie.

There you have it. The four Angels and Demons brands used in the movie, in a little more detail to give you a good look.

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  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. Do you know what font this is?

  3. Hi Law,

    It’s not a font at all.

    These designs were all hand-drawn by John Langdon.

  4. Hello!
    Let me ask you: where is the illuminati diamond ambigram and the movie cossed keys? Can you put an image for us?

    Thanks a lot!

  5. what about the ultimate brand that was in the book?

  6. All of John Langdon’s ambigrams for Angels and Demons, including the diamond, are available on

  7. Cool, thx for putting this up. What about the Iluminati Diamond in the book, though?

  8. are there any more ways to do the angels and demons brand?

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