Ambigrams in the real world: FLIP NY

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1. FLIP NY is a brand that draws its influences from the NYC lifestyle, culture and environment. How does the ambigram logo reflect that?

NY is a crazy city and everything here isn’t always the way that it seems. The Ambigram is great way to showcase this mindset because you have to take a hard look to truly appreciate the complexity of the design much like this great city.


Image used with permission from FLIP NY.

2. Why do you think the ambigram logo was appropriate, given the branding of FLIP NY?

FLIPNY encourages people to take a second look at this city… to look closer at the environment and the people that inhabit this crazy place.  The ambigram was a perfect way for us to get the message across with just a logo.

3. What and/or who was your inspiration for the ambigram mark?

It’s funny.  It was actually Dan Brown.  In the early fazes of the marketing plans I was reading “Angels & Demon” which uses abigrams throughout the entire book.  I thought it was the coolest concept I had ever seen.  I needed to use it for this clothing line.

4. An ambigram isn’t usually the first, second, third or even fourth idea for an identity of a company. Was the ambigram concept in the forefront initially, or did it evolve later on in the design process?

Nope, it was the furthest thing from my mind… But like I said earlier, when you have a great idea and you know it’s great, you have to fully pursue it.


Image used with permission from FLIP NY.

5. Do you think the mark accurately represents FLIP NY and its culture?

Absolutely, like I mentioned before, things in this city aren’t always what they seem.  I have been living here my entire life and I am constantly learning new something new.  The FLIPNY Logo is a constant reminder to take a close look at this place and the people  you might surprise yourself…

6. What was the most challenging aspect of the design & development process of the ambigram mark? (here, would you be able to show any possible ambigram sketches, ideas, etc..something to show the evolution process of the ambigram)

Not really once the idea came to mind the sketching portion was pretty simple.  We had multiple concepts.  The hardest part was choosing the concept we liked the best which is the logo you see today which we considered “the classic Goth style”


Image used with permission from FLIP NY.

7. Are there any ambigram artists that you personally admire?

I would have to say John Langdon. Without his work on Angels & Demons, I never would have came up with this idea.


A big thank you goes out to Todd Aferiat,  President and Founder of the Flipny Clothing Corporation. Take a look at their website and products at

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  1. It’s robert langdon not john langdon…….

  2. JM,
    Robert Langdon is the character in Dan Brown’s book. John Langdon is the artist behind the fantastic ambigrams for Angels & Demons, as well as many other ambigrams.

  3. uh…. whoops? Who can’t spell “phases”?


    They have a neat looking web site. If you do a search for them, be sure to spell ‘flipNY’ without any spaces between the letters — you’ll find it faster.

  4. its a different design altogether

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