Ambigrammy Ambigram Challenge Submissions

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Just when you thought that the submissions for the Ambigram Challenges couldn’t get any better, they did! It seems that the consistently high standard and quality of work set by our challenges every month made the artists raise the bar even higher for themselves, and was the bar ever raised for this round! [NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

Ambigrammy Ambigram Challenge Submissions

Below you will find all the submissions sent to us for the Ambigrammy Ambigram Challenge. It is quite a wide range of work, from simple typographic treatments to very intricate illustrations. The first question that will undoubtedly pop into your head is “…how can I possibly pick a favorite?” because the work is, simply put, incredible. Once you get over the initial shock of seeing the quality of the work, the next question may be “…why are all the ambigram numbered without the name of the artist?” The answer to that question is simple.

For this challenge, we would like the community to discuss the ambigrams & not have the discussion centered around the reputation of the artist.

Now, that is easier said than done. Many artists & designers have a very recognizable style, and the same holds true for ambigram artists, especially ones that frequent our challenges and whose work we see often. While that is unavoidable, please don’t be the one to point out that an ambigram is the work a specific artist, be it an artist that you may know or yourself. Discuss the quality of the work, admire the exceptional talent that is prevalent within our ambigram community, and thank the artists (anonymously for now) for their hard work and dedication!

The judging for the actual Ambigrammy Award Nominees will be finished within the next two weeks. Once the winners of our first ever Ambigrammy Award are determined, their winning ambigrams will be posted along with the winning Ambigrammy Ambigram Challenge design. We hope to enjoy one to two weeks of artistic discourse while the judges finish their work.

Oh, and did we mention that we have assembled a guest judging panel for the Ambigrammy Award Nominees? All of the judges are designers, illustrators & writers whose work you’ve probably seen/read at some point in your artistic careers. You will be able to ‘meet’ the judges once the Ambigrammy Award winners are revealed. Until then…keep sketching and stay tuned!

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  1. I am shocked by the quality of submissions!!! WOW. Amazing!!!

    “…No no no Mr. Sharath. No mentioning the names of the artists! Shame on you! ;) …” (This comment was edited by our staff at Sharath’s request.)

  2. This really sucks.

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I was hoping that we would get just a single, obvious, run-away winner so we could avoid any drama or controversy, but it looks like you are not going to make it that easy. Damn you talented people!

    Seriously, though. I wish I had half of the talent that you guys have. These are inspirational, and several times I found myself saying, “HOW does he/she DO that?”.

    Nice work!

  3. Oh, and guessing the artist is not as easy as you think, Nikita.

    I mis-attributed a couple of these to artists other than the person who created it. So, beware of style impersonators!

  4. Sorry for taking out some name in my previous comment. That was just a wild guess.

    Now, as I am recovered from the shock, let me analyze and choose my favorites.

    I must admit that I don’t appreciate totems generally.

    OK. Here are my favorites in order:

    1. 02 – Great piece of art which looks a shield (which is very close to the feel of an award) and the observe the objects around it, One part is old style type of lettering and another side pencil and digital!! WOW. To an extent undoubted winner it is. (I am not considering 10 again)

    2. 05 – Wow, what an award!!! Anyone would like to steal it ;) Very very stylish totem converted into a trophy. Looks great!

    3. For me it is a tie between 12 and 16. Both are concentrated towards a proper trophy design. 12 is a decent totem which is converted into a human body. But, quality of gold isn’t as rich as 05 or 16. 16 is a very nice trophy but fails at certain parts.

    4. It is again a tie between 06, 08, 19, 22 – All are really awesome ambigrams but as a trophy they fall little short. 06 is an amazing concept and great creation. I love it as a creative ambigram!

    5. 07 and 09 take the next spot.

    Apart from these I liked the concept 14 as an ambgrammy coin!!!

    If the standard of submissions goes high at this rate then one month won’t be enough for submissions!!! ;)

    BTW, no voting this time please (I hope the comment section is just for discussions)

  5. For me 16 makes its way. I like the way it’s very detailed but still is simple enough to be a trophy.
    But really if it is chose, it will have to be changed somehow.

  6. My best three are:
    1) .02 – Just wow! Awesome! Great design!
    2 & 3) These is a tie between .12 and .19. Different types of ambigram, different styles, different colourings (coloured VS black&white).
    To the artist of 12: I like your ingenuity! Great concept! The A forms a helmet, the hand are held in the chest (you can see the gap of air in the elbow as well), the legs are well worked out, hehe! :) Great work!
    To the artist of 19: Your style is minimalism of the design. Nothing more that necessary. Just the letters and the tail of g forms the ribbon (which shape is also ambigramatic, :P ).

    Actually, all the works here are great, but some of them are AWESOME! For me, the 02 was a winner just when I scanned all the submissions thgough the thumbnail. I admire it. I wish I would have drawn that! :)

  7. I absolutely ADORE #2, it’s fantastic :) .

  8. Great submissions!!! I like the heterogeneity of these works!! The number 2 is wonderfull for me!!!!

  9. These are absolutely wonderful. I should have more time later to weigh in.

    @2 – I think I know who you are…and congratulations!!!

  10. Interesting observation…8, 13, 15, 21 are the only rotational designs that do NOT go with the R/R centerpiece solution. Most do. And I think there are several great examples, but #2 takes the cake. Wow…Artwork at it’s very best. I agree with the editor that there are many deserving designs, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that #2 is the one. Wait…NO VOTING!!! :)

    As far as the totems go, they are all very similar, but it is my opinion that #5 is the most effective and beautiful. The B/G mirror is great!!

    #6 has a cool twist (pun intended) to it.

  11. The ambigrams at the center of #2 and #10 seem very similar…I’d be willing to bet that they’re the same (phenomenal) artist :) .

  12. @Jennnifer: Good observation ;) and most of would be willing to bet on who the artist is! Oh, discussion shouldn’t be artist centered ;)

    If 02 has a toughest competition then it is 10 ;) but yeah, as the winning designs is published as an AWARD, there is a decent competition from 05 from an award feel point of view.

    I must say, 02 overshadowed so many great submissions ;)

  13. i appreciate the high quality of all the designs and effort of the artists. according to me submissions #2, #16a and #19 are above all others because of their unique style and good legibility. This feature sets these submissions apart from others.

  14. Design wise 2 is very good…but if its an ambigrammy award its 5!!!
    Ppl have set a very high bar this time with their submissions!!Awesome work everyone .

  15. @21 – Sure has some cool combinations that I would not have thought of. Great out-of-the-box thinking!!!

  16. Number two! It’s clean, attractive, simple, and keeps with a traditional font style look.

  17. Oops! I meant number seven for the above comment. Number two is my second choice.

  18. i should’ve send my entry, but it’s almost over when i checked the deadline. anyways, i really like entry 02

  19. To all of the designs… Outstanding!

    I am sorry I didn’t get one in, but I am very proud to be in some way a part of all this. My pick is hands down #2. The artwork is BRILLIANT. Just as most of the the designs he makes… I am quite sure I know who did that design.

    Second place IMHO would go to #16… I am a big fan of the “g/a” solution. Awesome as always.

    Sorry I didn’t get in a design… I started one but life sometimes gets in the way. Great Job once more, I can’t wait to see who the winner is.


  20. @Charlesambigram: you should have tried dude. I made my entry 2 days before the deadline:D

  21. I submitted one myself but I must say, my compliments for number 2! Great balance and detail! And for THE otter guys, great job! :)

  22. Wow… I have a lot of learning to do…
    I really liked #12 with #2 running second.

  23. We have good news and great news!

    Good news – The work submitted for the Ambigrammy Challenge is phenomenal. In fact, it is SO good, that we could not narrow it down to just one artist.

    Great news – We have narrowed the final selection down to several artists. We will be asking each artist to make some minor revisions and will be posting the second round soon for your discussion & viewing pleasure.

  24. WOW… Great news!!!

  25. Good idea!!! I’m agreement with this politic!!!

  26. I find 06 the most unique. I’ve never seen an ambigram with 3D letter shapes and a twisting pattern. After reading the design notes I liked it even more! Congratulations to this designer! I hope you win!

  27. Mark, thank you very much for your comment. This is my first time to enter one of these, and having only learned of the website and the ambigrammy challenge 4 days before the due date, I rushed to get something submitted by the deadline. I have not received an invitation to the second round, but I’m nevertheless proud that I got to represent! Best of luck to the others – terrific solutions.

  28. I learnt a lot of things in this challenge which I wouldn’t have learnt even if I had created another 100 ambigrams! Thanks to and the great submissions!

    I think till the end of 1st round it was an easy choice to choose the winner with 02 being the most artistic design and 05 being the glorious one. I don’t think round 2 will make the job easier!

  29. Can’t wait!

  30. Though I would like to keep #06 in 4th place in the list of my favorites, there is a big credit that need to be given to the artist for creating such a creative piece.

    Truly the creativity is of Scott Kim’ calibre ( according to me Scott Kim is one of those who think beyond human ;) )

    If this one is so good then why it is still 4th in the list of my favorites? It is mainly because the letters are disconnected, Y isn’t the most convincing and the colors don’t fit in as a trophy.

    But from creativity point of view it deserves 1st place.

    Inspired from this art, I created one myself. I didn’t use measurements and drawn freehand. Here is the link:

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  32. Good one Nikita. It will surely turn everyone’s head if not ambigrams… :)

  33. [...] critic of the various work at (including his own) has been declared the winner of the Ambigrammy Ambigram Challenge. The Ambigrammy award image challenge was a difficult one for several [...]

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