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After considerable analysis, discussion and downright argumentation, is proud to announce that we have finally selected the Ambigrammy Award Challenge winner.








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Congratulations to Sharath Kumar!!

Sharath Kumar, who is a frequent contributor and critic of the various work at (including his own) has been declared the winner of the Ambigrammy Ambigram Challenge. The Ambigrammy award image challenge was a difficult one for several reasons:

-         A very specific word with challenging letter combinations, which made lettering consistency problematic in certain areas.

-         Room for predictability within the potential solutions: there are only so many ways you can create a certain letter combination flip.

-         The aesthetic aspect of the design, which needed to be representative of an award and have a more upscale Hollywood-esque aura about it.

Although the decision was made difficult by the excellent submissions that made it to the final round, this particular design is the one we have decided to move forward with as the Ambigrammy Award for several reasons.

Sharath tackled this challenge with aplomb and confidence which has developed throughout his neverending contributions and ambigram explorations. He took this challenge on and made this submission truly his own. His design is creative and imaginative, and includes just enough embellishments to make the design both beautiful & legible.

The fact that the design is an ambigram, and yet appears similar to the human statue Oscar award brings the design together perfectly.  It also leaves open the possibility that as ambigrams becomes more well known in the world, and as the Ambigrammy Award gains in importance in the years to come that an actual physical statue is a possibility.  Although, with the price of Gold as high as it is, we may need to consider creating the physical statues out of bronze.  Or, making them only 2 inches high.

All the ingredients within Sharath’s design have been measured out carefully, thought through to perfection and in the end came together in a fantastic design that is worthy of recognition by the ambigram community.  We are as proud to have Sharath’s image as an icon for the Ambigrammy Award as any ambigram artist should be in receiving it as recognition of excellence in the ambigram field.

Congratulations Sharath!

A quick note about the Ambigrammy winners
We are still waiting for some final feedback from the judges on the actual Ambigrammy award finalists. We should be posting the article within the next week or so. The judges are well known, have a rather high standing within the design community and are incredibly busy. The staff at are very thankful to them for taking the time to judge the Ambigrammy Challenge and to provide us with their insight and feedback.

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  1. Congrats mate.. You finally made your cut!! :) awesome job!!

  2. Congrats Sharath.

  3. WOW… What an awesome day it turned out to be! I have to believe my eyes as it makes me the happiest in this world :)

    Thanks to for conducting such an exciting challenge. I never believed that this challenge is my cup of tea. But the value this particular challenge brought, made me to push myself and give the best possible design.

    Best part is, this design is eligible for next ambigrammy award and also will be an award for 3 legends (3 winners of the ambigrammy award).

    It was my dream to win against Johan Skylling. I don’t say the dream has come true today because I have to still work hard to match the quality of his work. I was lucky that my deign looked more like an award over his masterpiece.

    I have learnt a lot during this challenge and hope to get even better next time. I do remember that big guns were missing this time :)

    Thanks to all those who really liked my designs ( my other submissions as well ) and those who wouldn’t have liked my designs give me the motivation to improve my work. So thanks to all :)

  4. Fantastic! Congrats Sharath!

  5. Hey Nikita, what happened with this line in the original challenge? “The winning design will NOT be announced in a separate article. Instead, the winning design will actually be used for the first Ambigrammy Award results article that will be posted right after the ambigrammy challenge!”

    Not that I don’t think Sharath deserves the recognition, because he obviously does, but when do we get to find out the Ambigrammy winner?

  6. Congratulations Sharath! You are a well deserved winner.

  7. Jennifer,

    I hope you read the whole article above. At the end there is a small explanation as to why we decoded to go this route. ;)

  8. Congratulations Sharath!

  9. Congrats Sharath :)

  10. We all agreed that Johan’s design was spectacular, and he is always tough to beat because of his consistently good artistry. However, your ambigram statue just fit the requirements so perfectly that we had to pick it to move forward.

    Congratulations on winning this challenge, and you are exactly right that this design will also be eligible for a 2012 Ambigrammy Award itself.

    Also, I will be emailing you privately to get your shipping address. Along with the bragging rights you get from winning this challenge, we are also going to put this design on a black t-shirt and have it sent out to you.

    Nice job!

  11. Good job mate! Nicely done! :) Keep ambigramming! :)

  12. @Editor: Wow… t-shirt is a surprise to me! :) Thanks for adding one more to the double bonus. I will be waiting for your mail.

    @Diego & Johan: It has been a great feeling to share top3 place with you. Both the designs were of high standard and I learnt a lot from your designs.

    @All: Thanks a lot… :) All the best for the next challenge…

  13. Congratulations again, Sharath.

    This was really a nice challenge with cool designs. Sharath design is a deserved winner. The other designs were great too. Johans was really an outstanding and brilliant illustration, but I think the judges did a great job. For this special topic Sharath got the right answer. Style and concept really came together in a wonderful way. Funny is that Sharath pushed himself to the next level with some nice effects and colors. At first I didn’t realize that it was his design :)

    I’m looking forward to fight for this design as an award at the end of the next year :) 3,2,1 … Go!
    Oh, there is no new challenge. So, I have to wait a little bit more … Nikitaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. Hi Sharath
    thanks a lot! Your design, in my opinion, was the most representative in this particular challange!
    I’m waiting the next challange to race with you, Johan and all the artists!

  15. The next challenge is a real ‘curveball.’ ;)

  16. I’ve got to ‘hand’ it to you, Nikita… that was pretty clever.

  17. congrats sharath :)

  18. Great design! Congrats dude! finally you made it!=)

  19. I’m very happy for you mister Sharath! It has been fun to see your work develop over that past year. Congrats to the other finalists as well. Great work all around.

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