Ambigram Tattoos

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Ambigram tattoos have been rising in popularity for years, and for good reason. No other tattoo design allows someone to present two messages to the world within the same physical space, and in such a cool way.

Of course, they are also a great conversation piece, as anyone with an ambigram tattoo will tell you. Anyone who has seen FlipScript ambigrams before will want to know more about it:

“Hey, is that FlipScript? Dude, what does it say upside-down?”

Ambigram tattoos have become even more popular as a result of the success of Dan Brown’s book Angels and Demons, and the John Langdon ambigrams contained in the book. Although exact figures are not known, it is estimated that tens of thousands of people have found these artistic creations worthy of a permanent spot on their bodies.

John Langdon, the artist behind the ambigrams in “Angels and Demons”, recently released his latest ambigram tattoo font called FyreWater, which the design community has stated is the “world’s most advanced font”. Not only does this ambigram font have the highest completion percentage of any ambigram font in the world, it also introduced some technology never before seen in the world of typography.

Whether you can read FlipScript upside-down or need to turn your head to see what it says, it is clear that ambigram tattoos are a great use of this unique art form.

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  1. Ambigram tattoos are amazing. What a great concept being able to have the same tattoo readable from different angles!

  2. Looking for ambigram to make tattoo

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