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Titanium Ambigram Ring

Titanium Ambigram Ring

Custom ambigram rings are becoming a hot product in the couples market. The entire concept of ambigram rings is brand-new, and if you wanted such an item in the past, it was both extremely expensive, and very time consuming.  Until recently, the total ambigram ring count was estimated at less than five in the world.

As recently as last year, if you wanted an ambigram ring, you would have to commission an ambigram to be created by an artist, and then take the design that was created to a custom jeweler and negotiate for the custom manufacturing of the piece.  Cascadia Design Studio, a jeweler specializing in titanium, has recently started offering ambigram rings for its customers, and making the process much easier and much faster by putting the entire operation on the Internet.  You can create an ambigram directly on their web site (including preview), order it on-line, and it will be delivered to you in about 8-10 days.

Cascadia Design Studio even offers a discount if you purchase 2 identical rings at once, making the ambigram couple ring idea even more attractive. Ed Ferguson, the company founder, reports that a significant number of the ambigram rings ordered through his site are purchased in pairs.

Semper Fedelis Ambigram Ring Gift

Semper Fedelis Ambigram Ring Gift

Ed shared this story of Mae, a young woman who shipped an ambigram ring to her Marine boyfriend Ryan, who was stationed in Afghanistan.  The ring said “Semper” upright and “Fidelis” upside down.  “Semper Fedelis” means “Always Faithful” and is the motto of the US Marine Corp.

Mae was instant messaging with her Marine man when he opened his present.  Here is a clip from their conversation:


[8:39:51 AM] Mae B. says: whats it say
[8:40:11 AM] Ryan says: “Fidelis”
[8:40:14 AM] Mae B. says: turn it over and read it
[8:40:31 AM] Mae B. says: isnt that awesome?
[8:40:41 AM] Ryan says: holy CRAP

So, if you’re looking for a great conversation piece, a unique way of showing your special ‘connection’ to someone, or want to give that “holy CRAP” experience to someone yourself, stop by Cascadia Design Studio and see what kind of ambigram ring magic you can make.

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  1. Surely there’s a typo in that ring, though? It should say “fidelis”, but actually says “fedelis”.

  2. Right you are, Dave! We must have mis-typed it when creating the preview for this post.

    The actual ring that was shipped was created correctly.

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