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Glyphusion ambigram service

Glyphusion ambigram service

Would you like to create your own ambigram designs, products or clothing?

The Glyphusion ambigram generator allows you to create ambigrams in seconds that would take a human artist hours, and can deliver the ambigrams directly to your web site’s users.

The downside is that Glyphusion, Inc. (the company) has been very particular about who they accept as customers, and setting up the service may take some knowledge of HTML and possible script code (depending on options).  On the positive side, the engine is highly configurable so you can present the ambigrams just the way you wish.

For more information, visit Glyphusion’s web site at:

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  1. I need An ambigram of my crush and me(names of ours)…please

  2. I like the ambigram generator although some characters/letters aren’t very clear….
    Anyway, I know a product like this cant be free because it’s quite complex but it would be really aweome if u did limited ambigrams for free…..

  3. Please show me how to write my own ambigram. Thank you

  4. i also find the generator very convenient but i was thinking of putting up a small business in partnership with the company… but what can i do?? im still a student…

  5. In reply to Capone: If you’d like to make your own ambigram, but don’t know where to start, I recommend reading the articles in the “Design Secrets” category from May 13 and 27. Personally, I found the tips and suggestions very helpful in improving my own designs. Also, it would be good to examine the work of other ambigram artists to see what they have done to manipulate the letters in their designs. There is a list of artists’ names on this site, but it seems only one is linked so far. So you’ll have to look them up. I enjoyed browsing Scott Kim’s site. I will be looking up the others as well.

    I found some interesting descriptions of the ambigram process at This is a Blog site that ambigram artists are invited to contribute to. I think you’ll enjoy reading the entries here.

    I don’t yet have many images on my web site as it is new and under construction, but if you’d like to visit, stop by my site.

  6. I love Ambigrams, I think the Da Vinci Code and the Dan Brown books made them hugely popular.

  7. i really admire the creator of this site ! :) )

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