What is an Ambigram?

Ambigram Definition

An ambigram is a typographical creation that presents two or more separate words within the same physical space.


  • Symmetric Ambigram Example

    A Rotational Ambigram (Symmetric)

    The most common type is the rotational ambigram. One form is a word or phrase written in such a way that it appears identical even when it is read upside-down (like the word “ambigram” in the logo for Ambigram.com)

  • A Reflected Ambigram

    A Reflected Ambigram

    A reflected ambigram is symmetrical with respect to a horizontal or vertical axis. This John Langdon design is symmetrical from left-to-right and says “Waterfalls”. These are sometimes called mirror ambigrams since they appear identical even when reflected in a mirror held to the side.

  • A Perceptual Shift Ambigram

    A Perceptual Shift Ambigram

    A word or phrase that requires a shift in perception instead of orientation.  For instance, creating a design that can be read as both the word “wave” and the word “particle” at the same time.

For additional examples, please see the ambigram gallery at ambigram.com.