Ambigram Challenge 04 – Discoveries That Changed History

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Sharpen those pencils & get your Microns and Sharpie markers ready! This next challenge is 100% hand-drawn! Why? Because the last hand-drawn challenge was such a success that we couldn’t resist bringing it back for another round!!

The Topic

This challenge will focus on discoveries and inventions that changed the world & its history. The word (or phrase!) that you choose can focus on the inventor/discoverer themselves, the invention/discovery itself, the phrase uttered that has since been associated with that discovery, or a combination of all of the above.

Challenge Rules & File Submission Details

All designs should be submitted by Sunday, August 19th. The results will be posted within a week.

1. Please send the submission files to
2. Please send JPG or GIF files only, no more than 2 megabytes in size. 
3. Save the files in the following format. “number of submission_your name_acac042012? Example: 01_johnsmith_acac042012.
4. All entires submitted have to be final. You are not allowed to send in multiple revisions throughout the course of the challenge.
5. You are allowed to submit 4 designs. Please don’t keep sending multiple revisions after you send the initial one.

If you have any questions, post them in the comment section on this page or email Note: Please keep the discussion/comments civil and respectful. If you have any issues or concerns, please address them via email and not in the comment section of this article.

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  1. Interesting topic for an ambigram challenge and 4 submissions allowed! Nice :) I will work on this challenge once I am done with ambigram revealed work :)

  2. waw!!so challenging..:)
    i think i’ve got an idea..hehehe

  3. Excellent challenge!

    Can we do inventions that changed the world, or just discoveries?

  4. Very, very interesting challange!

  5. Jen, it could be both discoveries or inventions.

  6. Can I invent something, name it and then create an ambigram? ;)

  7. Sharath,

    If you can do that within a month, absolutely! But your invention or discovery HAS to change the world. That’s the only rule.

  8. OK, invent a machine that’s a natural ambigram. Simple.

  9. No, better– invent a machine that can make ambigrams, with a name that is a natural ambigram.

  10. Handdrawn Shcmandrawn

  11. Would Burger King’s Whopper qualify as a world changing item? Just asking. Don’t judge. :)

  12. “internet” , an invention that changeee the world so much?? it can be, use?

  13. Uhh well… Eureka is out of contention to submit…. Dang!

    Well… got ideas for two. Will think of two more.

  14. Trust it is ok to draw the ambigram on a grid paper like the one “Eureka” is shown on? I don’t know about others here, But I for one will struggle with symmetry without grid lines?

  15. Himanshu- or u could draw grid on a paper n then erase it later on.. Looks elegant that ways:)

  16. You could also draw it on grid paper, then trace it onto clean paper once you’ve perfected it!

  17. Hi there. Any updates on this?

  18. Himanshu,
    This will be posted in the next day or two, along with the results of ACAC03.

  19. Umm… not really keen on results so much. Just curious to see the submissions that came in. That’s always so much fun. :)

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