Ambigram Challenge 03 – Submissions

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Here are all the submissions for Ambigram Challenge 03! The entries are posted anonymously, but you are welcome to reveal yourself as the artist. However, it is a lot more fun (and generates a lot more discussion!) if the audience tries to guess who the artists are! The winner will be contacted after the sponsor selects the winning design: the article showcasing the design will be posted a few days later. Enjoy the work! [NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

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  1. Fantastic entries! #9, #12 and #18 are definitely my favorites! #24 is fantastically legible, and I love the style of #36. Great work everyone!

  2. Oooh, I didn’t notice how good #28 was until I clicked on it. But now I’ve clicked on it and it’s awesome :) .

  3. I like # 31 most.

  4. WOW

    Designers have taken this to the next level…

    All the designs are awesome..

    This is going to be tough for the judges

  5. [...] dzi? ambigram to moja propozycja w kolejnym konkursie ACAC. Z dwóch zaproponowanych fraz: “holy spirit” oraz “God/Jesus” wybra?em [...]

  6. I wish some of the symbiotograms were displayed in such a way so as to view both design viewpoints. #16 & #18 are my favorites for “Holy Spirit”. #12 & #34 are my favorites for “God/Jesus”…and yes, inappropriate as it may seem, I voted for one of mine. But hey, I liked it!!! :)

  7. @Clayton, it’s fine to be proud of your work :) . I didn’t vote for mine, but I am pretty proud of it :) .

  8. @Jennifer – Did you create the mirror?

  9. @Clayton, there’s a couple mirrors….I created one of them ;) .

    If you check FB you’ll see which is mine, I posted it on my page.

  10. Update: Two ambigrams added that I missed in the email. If the attachments become embedded in the email instead of coming through as attachments, I sometimes miss them. This was one of those cases, not a late submission.

  11. OMG!!! So many great submissions!!!
    After previous ACAC I thought quality of submission is going down. But to prove me wrong, there are so many quality submissions in this ACAC. Very lucky the sponsor is!!!

    Which one is the best design??? There can be NO ANSWER in anyone’s mind.

    Purely from legibility and simplicity point of view I like #18 and #24. (Yes, I am proud of my design) ;)

    But here are the list of submissions that really amazed me:

    #12: Design by Bastian Pinnenberg? Excellent solution.
    #18: Must be design by Daniel Dostal. As usual very consistent. (I am happy to come up with a solution very similar to yours)
    #34 & #37: It must be Clayton Mabey’s design. One of the most beautiful solution for God/Jesus. As an ambigrammist I love it the most.
    #26: Excellent work. I think border lines were unnecessary to this excellent design. Great style.
    #16 & #01 (collectively): Great first time submission Paramatatya. I am very impressed.
    #17: (I guess Jennifer) Great presentation. Mirror as such was tough one to attempt.
    #05: A perceptual shift ambigram!!! Great attempt.
    #09: So neat!! Mirror ambigram of God/Jesus!! WoW

    Other designs that I liked are:
    #28, #29, #36, #08, #04 and #11

  12. very, very impressive!

  13. No. 40 great work, this is a winner !!!

  14. WAW!! they are very awesome!!great work guys!!:D

    thanks Clayton and Sharath for your attention in my designs..:)
    since this is my first time joint this challenge, I always hope I’ll become better..:)

  15. no.3 and no.27 are simply they are like the hand work….it looks simple and sober..

  16. Really nice works!
    Many really good ambigram solutions and some beatiful overall works!

    I am a new commer on this site and I see that I have to put some more time and work to my designs to compete with You people! (Proud father of no.26 and no.41)

    The winner? Hard to say, up to the sponsor!
    My personal favorits regarding the overall design including the ambigram solution:
    Holy Spirit – 18 and God/Jesus – 33

  17. #18 is great, and #33 is quite good, too. I look forward to hearing which one the sponsor picks.. a hard decision, for sure, to pick just one.

    This challenge gives me ideas for many other transformational mythological or fairy tale subjects that would make great ambigrams: Zeus turns into a Swan, or turn Water into Wine, a Frog turns into a Prince, etc…

    Bring on the next challenge!

  18. I really hadn’t expected much from the God/Jesus end so I was blown away by the variety and success! Bravo to all who tried.
    My faves: 18 & 36. Very nice AND legible!

  19. Here’s my (very rough) sketch of the God/Jesus symbiotigram. I think it’s got promise, but I didn’t think it was really challenge-worthy so I didn’t do anything more with it.

  20. 37 and 8 are…wait for it….amazing! Good job boys, maybe even girls.

  21. @Patrick May: excellent work. #41 looks a bit dull due to the color combination. But #26 is very beautiful. Letters look very smooth flowing. I liked it very much.

    And thanks for liking my design (#33) but there are some better designs as well. I think #18 has the edge.

  22. Really liking #33, #36, and #40 too. Yum.

  23. Also….really liking the variations on the God/Jesus design. Sharath, myself and a few others committed to an all-caps approach. Others committed to lower case throughout. So fun to see how we all go down different paths. Awesome!!!

  24. #14 is really clean and readable.
    # 38 is a clever sulution. At first I got intimidated by the darkness. but then I cracked up – You just can’t do a cross as an ambigram, can you? I thought that was funny. Sarcasm at it’s best. Many great submisions!

  25. Daniel is one step above!

  26. My first ever attempt #21. any suggestions from the pros to help me improve.

  27. Waw, what a great submisions! great design.
    I like the design of HolySpirit 28. Very good.

  28. Oh i like design number 8 dan 34 too.

  29. While I think there are great designs here, I agree, Johan. Mr. Dostal’s piece stants above the rest. Congratulations, Daniel!

  30. #10 is quite good too, especially in the way the lettering looks slightly Hebrew… the biblical connotation works in a different way than the excellent #18′s very specific Germanic Gothic style.

    I keep waiting for someone to mention that they like my entries…but it hasn’t happened yet! ;)
    (Maybe next time.)

    It’s interesting to note #1, #31, and #33 share essentially the same ambigram structure, but differ widely in their stylistic rendering, from Classical Greek, to something like spilled blood, to… Eastern mystical, maybe…?

  31. Oops, now I see, someone did mention one of mine!

  32. Professor Prokhorov,
    Is there anyway these galleries could be set up as click through slide shows? They’d be so much more easy to use!
    Hope all is well,

  33. Carl,

    Great suggestion! I’ll see if that can be done.


    PS. I’m a professor no longer…save that title for later. ;)

  34. ………………………and the winner is………….??????? ;)

  35. Hello everyone,

    Still waiting for a decision from the sponsor. Will post something as soon as I have it.

    Thanks for being patient!!!

  36. Hello everyone,

    I’ve heard from the sponsor, and the entry judging will be finished within a week. Life happens, and remember that this is just for fun.

    Regarding the prize money, I’ve had it since the beginning, so no need to worry about that either. Just a bit more patience and you’ll be happy…I promise! Besides, the next challenge will really be a doozie!

  37. Hey Nikita, thanks for being awesome and keeping us informed :) . I’m excited to see the results and see the next challenge!

  38. … still waiting for a sign from above…?

  39. Ryan, we are still waiting. Everyone knows that sometimes life throws you a curve ball. And since this is for fun and developing our artistic skill, there shouldn’t be any pressure involved. I am holding the money in escrow, and we will have a resolution soon.

    I will post the new challenge early next week and then we will post the results some time after.

  40. Of course, it’s all in good fun, Nikita.

    I think we’re all really just anxious for this challenge to conclude, so we can see what challenge you have in store for us next.

    Until then, remember folks: always carry a glove and a bat.

  41. Any word?

  42. Did the customer like any of them?

  43. Never trust a Jesus freak…

  44. You can trust me, Ryan!! ;)

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