Ambigram Challenge 03

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The dust hasn’t even settled from our previous sponsored challenge…and we have another sponsored challenge for our amazing ambigram community. It may be the most difficult one yet!

Challenge Details

For this challenge, the sponsor has two words they would like to see turned into ambigrams.

• God/Jesus – Symbiotogram
• Holy Spirit – Rotational ambigram

Challenge Rules & File Submission Details

Since this is a sponsored challenge, it will be judged exclusively by the sponsor of the contest. All designs should be submitted by Sunday, May 20th, and the judging will take place soon after. Results will be posted as soon as the sponsor has selected the winner(s). Cash prizes to immediately follow.

We will send a boilerplate document to the winner(s) that simply assigns the copyright of the design to the sponsor. Sending the document & the artwork files back to the client will be the condition of the payout.

1. Please send the submission files to
2. Please send JPG or GIF files only, no more than 2 megabytes in size. After the winner is selected, you may be asked to send a high resolution vector file to the sponsor, so make sure you have that available.
3. Save the files in the following format. “number of submission_your name_acac032012? Example: 01_johnsmith_acac032012.
4. All entires submitted have to be final. You are not allowed to send in multiple revisions throughout the course of the challenge.
5. You are allowed to submit 2 designs. Please don’t keep sending multiple revisions after you send the initial one.


There will be only one winner declared for this challenge. The winning design will receive $250USD.

If you have any questions, post them in the comment section on this page or email Note: Please keep the discussion/comments civil and respectful. If you have any issues or concerns, please address them via email and not in the comment section of this article.


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  1. hey nikita

    do we have to submit 2 designs or just any one ambigram

  2. Prajyot,
    I do believe your question has been answered in #5 bullet point of the article. :)

  3. So assume that means we don’t have to do both of them :P

    Does the sponsor realise Jesus is a 5 letter word and God is 3! This is a challenge.

  4. Only 2 designs, 1 for God/Jesus and 1 for Holy Spirit ?
    Or two entries for each?

  5. @Danny: sadly it is 2 per person. You can either choose create two versions of ‘holy spirit’ or ‘god/jesus’.

    ‘god/jesus’ is a nice challenge but as there is only one prize ‘holy spirit’ has a better chance.

    Nice challenge it is.. :)

  6. is there any 2nd place winner? :D

  7. Can we fuse the two in a single boundary of a page??

  8. Nice challange! God/Jesus is a very difficult design to make!

  9. There will be a winner for “HolySpirit” and one for “God/Jesus”, or a winner for all?

  10. Nikita,
    can I submit my design(s) before May 20th?

  11. They can be fused… I actually would like them all together.
    Holy spirt viewed both ways with god viewed one way. Jesus viewed the other

    Yes. I know the god / Jesus is hard…

  12. I notice the contest doesn’t mention anything about reflective ambigrams. Will entries that are a reflection be immediately disqualified?

  13. @Jennifer: Reflection ambigrams need a medium (mirror) to view the mirror version of it. So we may not see any sponsored challenge asking for mirror or reflection ambigram unless there is a proper plan to present it (Say, put it on a room with glassy floor where the reflection would be visible).

    You have 2 submissions allowed. So you can submit one reflective ambigram :) I would like to see the solution when posted.

  14. @Sharath: Or, perhaps, some lovely stained glass that does tend to ornament many windows in churches? Can be read from both the inside and out!

  15. @Jennifer: That would be very nice to see.

  16. Is keeping a “high resolution vector file” mandatory??? I am unable to create it..

  17. Will all the entries be posted before the winners are announced?

  18. when will the results announceed?

  19. Can’t wait to see the results!!!
    @Jennifer – I love the idea of a mirror design that is displayed in some unique way…maybe for a sponsor. This would be so amazingly cool!!

  20. All the entries will be posted within the next day or two. The winner will be posted after the sponsor has a chance to review the submissions, which can take from 1-2 weeks at most. Then, on to more ambigram goodness!

  21. more than anything i’d like to see the solutions other artists came up with, with regards to the god/jesus symb

  22. @Dan, I came up with one, but I wasn’t happy with it, so it never made it out of the sketch phase. Maybe once the entries are all posted, I’ll put up a picture of what I came up with.

  23. @jennifer, please do! and we’re you able to do a reflective design? i know it’s not part of the challenge requirement, but you posted a question early on about it… maybe you did try to come up with a reflective design anyway, and if you did, you might want to put up a pic of it….. just curious…

  24. @Dan, I’ll get a picture tomorrow if I can. I did manage a reflection, hopefully we’ll see it up here when the entries are posted :) .

  25. I can’t wait anymore!

  26. I am also excited to see who else took on the God/Jesus symbiotogram. That was a tough one for sure!!

  27. Here’s my (very rough) sketch. I think it’s got promise, but I didn’t think it was really challenge-worthy.

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