Magic Man ACAC 2 Submissions

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Here are all the submissions for the Magic Man Ambigram Challenge 2! The entries are posted anonymously, but you are welcome to reveal yourself as the artist. However, it is a lot more fun (and generates a lot more discussion!) if the audience tries to guess who the artists are! The winners will be contacted privately by Dan once he selects the winning designs: the article showcasing those designs will be posted a few days later. Enjoy the work! [NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

Magic Man Ambigram Challenge 2 Submissions

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  1. Great work from all of the artists! I really like submissions 10,12 and 16. I clearly see the uniqueness, flow, readability and design in these. The 10 uses the principle of the upside-down faces, which is very clever! The 12 with its z-G rotation works instantly and finally, the 16 reads as if it’s not an ambigram!!!

    Congratulations to all of the artists, I can’t wait for the results. :)

  2. wow!! nice entries.
    the attached jpg’s no. alone suggests, that there were a ‘lots and lots’ of entries.
    nice to see a glimpse of similar thought process amongst them
    yet what different combinations. and beautiful outputs.

  3. 43 entries!!! Cool… but I was expecting 100 ;)

    I could see many ‘Bian Lian’ entries. I never thought there could be so many solutions to it. Some of them are very clever solutions.

    As I was part of Dan Chan’s previous contest, I have some idea what he would like. Based on that, my predicted winners on each category as below:

    Category1: Entry #4 (there may not be a winner in this category)
    Category2: He may not choose a winner but I like #30
    Category3: Entry #25
    Category4: Entry #12 (is it Johan Skylling’s entry?)
    Category5: Tough to predict but any one ‘Dan Chan’ entry. There are many good entries. #41,#35,#33,#15
    Category6: Again very very tough to predict. Almost all Bian Lian have the chance as well as #16
    Category7: #34 is good but Dan Chan may not pick any.

    Only 2 entries for the special category #1 and #7. Both may not be picked or #1 might have a little chance.

    Guesses (I may not be right)
    DanAdonaJr: #41, #39, and may be (#5,#29 as well and #34?)
    Johan Skylling: #12
    Robert Maitland: #3 (not sure)

    Many entries here are good (except 2-3 dirty ambigrams of mine). It will take me a page. So I don’t mention them individually.

    All the best.

  4. Oh! I forgot my guesses! :) I want to see if I’m in or not…
    #1: Robert Maitland
    #10 & 35: Johan Skylling
    #12: Bastian Pinnerberg (Nasty-Basty)
    #16: Michael Irving
    #29: Dan Adona Jr.

  5. Thank you for all your submissions! it’s wonderful seeing what this awesome community has come up with. i’ve actually decided to up the guranteed prize pool significantly more from the promised $600.00 to OVER $900.00. i’ve come up with first place winners in most categories and instead of an official second or third i’ve replace it with honorable mention (still with a nice cash prize). The reason for this was it was so difficult deciding between second and third. Contestants please send me your email address to danielgchan at gmail dot com.

  6. WOW, this is great news. Prize money increased by 50%!!!

    Having too many categories probably reduced the number of entries per category. But there are really some good ambigrams to pick.

    Waiting for the results as well as next challenge.

  7. curious to know who the winning entries were
    and double curious for what would be up next

  8. The article with the winning ambigrams will be posted soon, as well as the next challenge: stay tuned!

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