Magic Man Ambigram Challenge 2 Results

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The results of the Magic Man Ambigram Challenge 2 are in! It took some time to go through all the submissions, as there was a lot of fantastic work. Take a look at the winning selections, feel free to discuss, and most of all…enjoy the work! [NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]


On behalf of Dan Chan and, thank you to all the fantastic artists for participating in this Ambigram Challenge!

Upcoming News
• The next sponsored challenge will be posted by the end of the day Sunday. Keep an eye out for it!
• A new Quick Draw (already finished) is on the horizon, as well as an interview with a fantastic designer & ambigram artist: the interview will be done in two languages. Stay tuned!
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  1. Considering the prize money pool, it has been’s one of the biggest sponsored challenge.
    Congratulations to the winners ( including myself ;) )

    It is great to see Bastian Pinnenberg and NAGFA back with ambigrams.
    Dan Adona Jr. has some great submissions as well.

    I thought it was too many categories for a challenge but great to see entries in all categories.
    Balloon twisting/ Balloon sculpture was the toughest one (followed by Kat’s clever creations).

    Visit the link below to see the updated versions of my winning designs:

  2. Congratulations to the winners:)
    and Sharath- one wish for all ur works :-P

  3. congratulations to all!
    thanks to dan chan, nikita, and everyone involved.

  4. Congratulations…

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