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The All Greek Ambigram Challenge has concluded, and the winner has been selected! The sponsor has taken the time to give some very detailed feedback about each ambigram they’ve selected. Take a look at the winning ambigram, as well as the other four to round off the top five, and the honorable mention as well.  [NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

A word from the Ambigram Challenge Sponsor:

To begin with, the company was incredibly pleased and impressed with all the submissions.  One need only to look through the posted comments to realize that there was no runaway favorite, and that any type of judging is really a subjective matter.  That’s great, because different art affects people differently.  On the other hand, with all the great entries, it made our job that much more difficult.  Without question there were easily a handful of designs not mentioned below that could have made it to the top spots had someone else been responsible for picking the winners.  We sincerely thank everyone for their participation.

The Winner – Robert Maitland

From our perspective, this entry stood out for the legibility factor, coupled with the use of the byzantine inspired style.  When placed side by side next to the font examples presented in the challenge notes, it’s uncanny how the characters of this design seem to fit right in.  It’s a solid representation of the the type of result that we were hoping for.  It’s simple, it’s clean, and we love it.

2nd Place – Michael Irving

This entry gets major points for going the extra step to incorporate the design on a can of soda.  It was easy to visualize this in a cooler of a store, and accomplishes a key goal of product design, which is to draw the consumer into the product.

3rd Place – Johan Skylling

There are so many great artistic elements to this design…the columns, olive branches, and Greek key.  There are multi-layers to this design which unfold and are revealed the longer one looks.

4th Place - Vasileios Stergioudis

In terms of the Byzantine factor, this design is all in.  For some, byzantine typography conjures a certain emotion which is full of awe and humility, and this entry  embraces that pursuit.

5th Place – Cleber Faria

Great use of color, great design stylistically.  We found this design to be slick, polished, and professional.  Very easy to imagine on a finished product.

Honorable Mention – Clayton Mabey

Such a great design,  it takes elements of the byzantine style but gives it a new, fresh, updated look.

Many thanks to the sponsor for sponsoring this Ambigram Challenge, and many thanks to all the artists for their hard work!

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  1. Congrats to all! Great entries :) .

    When will the next challenge be up?

  2. Congratulations Robert. Very legible design. I’m blown away that you were able to orient your “E’s” the way you did and maintain such great readability. Fantastic.

    Love the other designs too. I feel honored to even be mentioned next to such amazing artists. Thanks.

  3. Congrats to everyone who entered a design, I thought they all had such great qualities of their own.

    That being said, I don’t fully understand the judges thoughts towards first place. It is a good design but doesn’t have anything Greek or gold about it. Each letter seems to be from a different font, and doesn’t follow any sort of rhyme or reason. Second through fifth were all superior in terms of structure. But this is just my opinion, please don’t take from this that I dislike any design. I love them all.


  4. congratulations to all! will be watching out for the product release….

  5. I can see where you’re coming from Elwin- I agree that other submissions looked better aesthetically (my favorites were entries 2 and 18). Looking at some of the past challenges, I knew I would be up againt some beautiful designs (which ended up to be true!), so I focused more on legibility.

  6. Congratulations Robert an all the finalists!!! Great Works!!!

  7. I agree entirely with Elwin. I’m surprised the #2 entry from the last page of submissions did not place. I thought it was a shoe-in for the win. Anyone want to come out and claim that one… you’ll earn my praise, at least.

    Congratulations to all.

  8. Really? That was their choice? No disrespect for Robert’s design but I have to agree with Elwin. “Byzantine inspired style”? That was their criteria? How about legibility- passing the “glance test”? How about, does the design convey the brand’s size, quality, experience, reliability? Who is their target audience? Where will it be marketed? What kind of soda is it? Will there be other varieties? These are basic questions that any designer needs answered in order to design effectively.
    I am not surprised by this outcome. I expected as much once I saw that the “prize” was for $150.00- a laughable fraction of the market rate for logo design/brand identity, especially in the packaging industry. These clients must not be using a professional firm to help launch their new product- and are guaranteeing their failure by trying to save a buck.
    From my point of view, Clayton’s entry (strangely added to the mix after the first posting of submissions), has the most potential to succeed as a brand logo.

  9. Michael, there were 3 or 4 ambigrams added after the initial post was made. That was simply due to human error (or is it Nikita error?) as I missed a few emails. All the entries were submitted on time. ;)

  10. I appreciate the comments, Michael. I can see how it would seem strange that my design was added a day late. It was submitted on time, but not posted with the rest. I made an early comment inquiring of its whereabouts. Anyway, anytime you have a client or sponser…the best ambigram is irrelavent.

  11. …unfortunately.

  12. Congratulations to the finalists! I find myself mesmerized by Johan Skylling’s entry (as usual).

    So… do we ever get to find out who the anonymous sponsor is? Or are we just going to stumble upon Robert’s design at the supermarket, on bottles of Coca-Cola’s new line of Ouzo-flavoured pop?

  13. @Ryan – The #2 submission was one of my personal favorites as well. The letter combinations were unique and incredibly legible.

  14. Congrats Robert! I can totally see why Robert won. That submision is true to the request. It’s the most ortodox design.
    I’m very glad to be in top 3. Clayton’s design is my favorite. Simple, graceful, a touch of by byzantine and yet modern and fresh.

  15. I am glad to be in the fourth position, along with those great artists. In my opinion, there should be other submissions than mine in the top five list. Diego’s solution was brilliant (submission no 36), Johan’s work was also great, submissions no 22 or 44 are very similar and deserve a position in the top-five… There are so many others than mine that are better. I do not want to offend Robert, since I offend first myself. Maybe we have a better byzantine-style look than others, but our designs lack of being a logo in the point that they are not so finalized than others. Other than that, congratulation to all of us entering this competition and I respect the freedom the sponsor has to select his favourite design.

    Vasileios Stergioudis

  16. Congratulations Robert!!!
    Your work definitly fits the clients thoughts perfectly. For me it was hard to create a piece oriented on the font. Cause I don’t liked it at all :) I finished one design but I didn’t submit it – next time I will :) You can take a look at it:

    Judgment is always hard. So, I will not comment it ;)

    Let’s get ready for the next round!

  17. Nice entries, thanks for sharing.

  18. They are all good, but i have to say that the second one on the soda can is the best. I can read it easily, almost to the point of not realizing that it is an ambigram. However, as an ambigram-fan but not an artist myself I can really appreciate the talents of each and every one of these.

  19. Congratulation Clayton!

  20. honestly, I loved the last one! it was readable and most unique, the “e”s were not repeated like thee other. I say Honorable MANtion is FIRST PLACE in my eyes!

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