It’s All Greek Ambigram Challenge

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Fellow Ambigrammists, welcome back from what was hopefully a rest-filled holiday season! As promised in our last write-up in 2011, this year will be the best one yet. To help us guarantee that promise, here is the first challenge of 2012….and it is a sponsored challenge!

It’s All Greek Ambigram Challenge

For this Ambigram Challenge, you are being asked to create an ambigram for a unique soft drink company that is currently creating a new soda. The manufacturer (which will remain anonymous until the end of the challenge) will incorporate the final design on the product.

The Ambigram
The word that is being provided by the sponsor is ‘Greek Gold.’ It is to be a 180 degree rotational ambigram.

Sponsor Requirements
The sponsor has requested that the ambigram be kept in a stacked format, i.e. the word ‘Greek’ on top of the word ‘Gold.’ The sponsor will not completely exclude one-line ambigrams, but since the ambigram will be presented in a very small area, the stacked version will be given preference over single line ambigrams. In addition:

• Legibility/readability will be a major factor in the judges’ decision.
• Incorporating elements of the art of the Byzantine Empire (such as use of gold and crimson) is encouraged.
• Use of a byzantine style font (especially like the first example below) is encouraged.

Note that even though the characters in the example are not all English, they are offered as an example of the style that the sponsor is looking for.


The top 5 ambigrams will be recognized by the sponsor, with the first place winner receiving $150. We will have the prize money in escrow, so the payout is guaranteed and will be awarded when the artist of the winning design(s) turns over the copyright of the design to the sponsor to use as they wish. The grand prize of USD $150 will be paid via Paypal from All dollar amounts are in USD.


Unlike most Ambigram Challenges, this one will be judged exclusively by the sponsor of the contest. These are designs that are intended for use by the company, so while some comments may be provided by some of the judges, the winning ambigram will ultimately be selected by the sponsor.

All designs should be submitted by Sunday, February 5th; all the submissions will be posted within a day & then the judging process will begin. Results will be posted as soon as the sponsor has selected the top ambigram, and a boilerplate document will be sent to the winner shortly thereafter. Cash prizes to immediately follow after the designer returns the signed document (along with the requested files) to the sponsor.

The challenge will be open to everyone without restrictions. We will send a boilerplate document to the winner(s) that simply assigns the copyright of the design to the sponsor. Sending the document back to the sponsor will be a condition of payout. The details of this will be worked out after the winning ambigram is selected.

File Submission

Please submit no more than 3 entries, and make sure that they are “finalized” before emailing them.  We are getting swamped with entire collections of designs using incorrect file formats and dimensions; also, some artists make frequent revisions within the contest time frame and expect us to keep track of it all. You have several weeks for this challenge…so please take your time and send us the finalized submissions closer to the end of the contest. The ambigram(s) have to be created from scratch for this challenge. Make sure the files are in JPG format, 72dpi and AT LEAST 600×600 pixels in dimension. Please note that after the winning ambigram is selected, the sponsor may also request the final art in a vector format (.ai or .svg), so make sure you have that format available as well. That will be discussed between the sponsor and the winning designer.
• Please name your submissions as follows: JohnSmith_typeofambigram_Submissionnumber.jpg. Otherwise, it can be easy to lose track of which design belongs to which artist, especially if we get a lot of submissions.

To submit your ambigrams, or if you have any other questions, email us at

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  1. Nice challenge! Does the sponsor have a preference on other types of greek-related artwork added to the ambigram, such as olive branches?

  2. This will be fun to mess with… I will be in Greece day after tomorrow… I guess I can look for motivation while there! Good challenge, I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.


  3. Hi!

    Does it have to be a specific type of ambigram (i.e. rotational, reflection)?

    Nice challenge!

  4. Homero,

    One of your 3 submissions HAS to be a rotational ambigram. But since you are allowed 3 submissions, I would make one of them rotational and the rest whatever you choose. The sponsor may be open to the idea of having a different type of ambigram. Although no specific type of ambigram will be disqualified per say, the sponsor has indicated a strong preference for a stacked rotational ambigram.

  5. I am eating a lamb right now I am so excited!!!!

  6. :) I’ve enjoyed creating ambigrams as tattoo ideas for family/friends, stationary, and wallpapers.
    I have lurked here for quite some time. I guess it’s about time I show something, huh?
    This looks like a fun project.

  7. Jennifer, to answer your question:

    With regard to other types of greek-related artwork added to the ambigram, the sponsor has indicated that embellishments beyond the words are welcomed, keeping in mind the stylistic nature of the byzantine era.

  8. Organized fellow…welcome! Thanks for lurking and being part of community!

  9. I’m working!!!!

  10. Hello there!

    I’m so happy that this challenge is on, since I am Greek!
    Can we design an ambigram of “greek gold” in greek? Is the company greek or no?
    I mean, in byzantine manuscripts, some letters often form connected glyphs. The same thing happens in our hagiographies. Is a solution like this acceptable by the sponsor or not?

    Thanks in advance,
    Vasileios Stergioudis

  11. I forgot to mention,

    In case someone wants anything about greek letters, fonts, or typography, I am pretty happy to hepl you in your search. Feel free to contact me at

    Vasileios Stergioudis

  12. Vasileios’s mailbox to be flooded with emails in 3…2…1….

  13. First, thanks to all interested in the Greek Gold ACAC, and thanks to for allowing us to sponsor the challenge.

    As Nikita has encouraged a more direct response from the sponsor, we will do our best to clarify any questions.

    Vasileios, to answer your question: the basic thing to remember for our main vision here is a symbiotogram for the words “greek” and “gold.” We expect that the final design would be stacked with “greek” on top and “gold” on the bottom, so that when rotated upside down 180 degrees, it looks the same as when they are rightside up.

    The company is based in the U.S., so the primary market is English-speaking. Although a multi-lingual approach might prove interesting, and no approach will be disqualified per se, in terms of winning the challenge a safer bet might be to stick with the preferences as outlined in the challenge.

    Hope this answers your questions, Vasileios. And again, thanks to all those who will be participating, and best of luck. We’ll be happy to try to answer any further questions.

  14. Ah! I can’t do the letter combinations! Well, I’ll just see the results. Will all the designs submitted be shown, or only the winning entry?

  15. CJ, all the designs will be shown. And…you shouldn’t give up so quickly. You have a few weeks, so why not give it a try, eh?

  16. “The sponsor has requested that the ambigram be kept in a stacked format, i.e. the word ‘Greek’ on top of the word ‘Gold.’” Sorry but my English is not good. Is it possible to see this format into an example?

  17. I rarely get these challenges done in a timely matter. I’m happy to say that I have just sent a design, though I do have to make doubly-sure it gets received.

  18. Alessandro, that simply means the word ‘Greek’ is to be on top of the word ‘Gold’…stacked on top of it. Hope that helps!

    Cy Reb, your submission has been received…thank you!

  19. Would it be possible to get a higher resolution image of the first example font? I’m having trouble seeing all the detail going on in that one :) .

  20. If the sponsor has a better image, I will ask them to post it. Also, there is this little start-up company called Google…

  21. Nikita, how would I ever navigate the inter-tubes without you? ;)


    Everyone, feel free to take a look at the above link. Also, please note: this is an example and is not meant to constrict the creation of the design nor should your typography look exactly like the sample(s) provided.

  23. Great challange! I will be attending certainly

  24. Thanks Nikita!!

  25. I can’t seem to mail my entry. It says is not recognized…..

  26. Aditya,
    I checked the address and it works. Try and see if that works.

  27. Thanks Nikita! :) That one worked! (hope you got it!). Its my first entry, and though I don’t stand a chance of winning , its very exciting !:P

  28. Did you receive my ambigrams? Are they ok (format, dimensions…)?

  29. Alessandro, I have not. Can you resend please? Feel free to CC

  30. Just a little question!
    “Greek” and “Gold” are the only words that are permitted? I would insert the word “soda” in the centre of my design. Is it posssible?

  31. Diego, there are no absolute restrictions here, only guideline suggestions to help convey the company’s vision; so anything is possible. Good luck, and thanks for participating.

  32. Ok! Thanks

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