All Greek Ambigram Challenge Submissions

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Here are all the submissions for the All Greek Ambigram Challenge! The entries are posted anonymously, but you are welcome to reveal yourself as the artist. However, it is a lot more fun (and generates a lot more discussion!) if the audience tries to guess who the artists are! [NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists. We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

The sponsor stated that it would take them about a week to select the winning entries, so please be patient. In the meantime, there are plenty of entries to discuss!
Please note: If for any reason whatsoever I missed your ambigram, please let me know, and I will add it to the gallery above.
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  1. Just amazing.

    I’m glad to see the diverse solutions, some of them are really great.

  2. Wow…

  3. That word combination represented a tough challenge, and you guys came up with some superb work. Best of luck to all!

  4. Wow what a wonderful participation to this challenge. Totally wonderful, all of them are. But like always a few stand out from the others due to their uniqueness.

    First of all #16 caught my eye. Truly a great design and a nice use of red and gold. Its amazing. (And I guess I know who did this ;) )

    #31 is a very detailed one. I liked the combination of the lettering and background.

    #14 Just simple and pure. :)

    # is very simply stylish. :)

    #35 is something out of the usual track. Though I like his/her idea to get the ambigram on a USB pen drive, on a box and on a pen. That could make some very valuable gifts for someone.

    In #18 the detailing and the use of layers is very impressive. Its typography makes it outstanding.

    The #38 is very well designed but I cannot figure out the use of such a border with this sort of modern design.
    Its not a good feeling, not to be the participant of this great challenge :( , all credit to my busy routine and hectic schedule. Will definitely try to get in the upcoming ones :)

    Though, looks like a fantastic competetion and I am sure it will not be an easy task to pick out the winner(s).

  5. Editor…Looks like you forgot one. :(

  6. I absolutely love what I see. Beautiful work people!!!

  7. The 36th ambigram has not a number when I pass the mouse over it!
    Great works!

  8. Great submissions!!!
    I was more interested to see the submissions than creating a design this time. This will show the diversity in the thought process of ambigrammists.

    I would take some time to go through each and every design in detail and then make a comment on the designs that interests me.

  9. The sheer variety is staggering. I had a fun time and finally got round to sending an entry this time :) .
    #27 and #18 look cool.


    I will hit my head on my keyboard now.

  11. So many awesome submissions!

    #5 is my favorite. It’s very legible and well-put-together!

  12. I think that the better is #32. It’s very simple and very readable even from a distance!

  13. Wonderful designs! My favourite three are:

    1) #18: I love it! Is it Johan Skylling?
    2) #36: Awesome design! Very unique idea of double E to O. The best execution for me.
    3) #09: For some reason I like that a lot. :)

    May I suppose that No.16 is Daniel Dostal?

  14. For me the best and beautiful ambigram is… number 21!!!!!
    Must to be winner!!!!!!!because this ambigramm is simple but original and particoular.

  15. There is a NEW one!!!! :)

  16. [...] Powyższy ambigram stworzony został na pierwszy w tym roku konkurs organizowany przez Ambigram Magazine. Tym razem chodziło nie tylko o przedstawienie konkretnej frazy: Greek Gold, ale również o nadanie ambigramowi stylu nawiązującego do sztuki bizantyjskiej. W mojej pracy nawiązania te są dosyć umowne.  Utrapieniem było podwójne „e” w pierwszym wyrazie. Z racji sąsiedniego usytuowania starałem się nadać tym literom jak najbardziej zbliżony kształt. Wszystkie prace, które wpłynęły możecie obejrzeć tutaj. [...]

  17. So many kick-ass submisions!

  18. 42. Instant favorite. Also like #9.

  19. All of them are good, but no. 16 in my judgement is the best design.
    How can I join such contest? Thanks.

  20. Danny,

    Keep an eye out on this page for an announcement for the next challenge. That should happen in the next two weeks! Email me for more details at

    Thanks for taking a look!


  21. Only 5/42 ambigrams have used the example1 font (which was the preferred one). This suggests the preferred font wasn’t the most convenient. But good to see that ambigrammists didn’t stick to the example1 font and tried to figured out the best possible font and solution.

    Considering the winning design will be used as a logo on soda bottle, it had to be highly readable, legible as well as aesthetically pleasing. There are some amazing solutions which are readable and perfect for a soda logo.

    #2, #5, #9, #13, #14, #22, #31, #35, #37, #38, #40, #42 are my favorites from readability, legibility and aesthetic point of view.

    #18 is almost a ready to use solution but I feel ‘D’ looks a bit out of flow. A better G/D solution would make it the best solution. I guess I know the artist who created this. Do I?

    #16 is another aesthetically pleasing solution but considering the requirement of the sponsor and legibility I am not sure if this design has an edge. But as an ambigram artist I love your design.

    I think #37 is very close to a perfect solution considering the requirements. Given a chance, I would love to improvise this design.

    #14 would have been the best solution if the consistency of ‘E’ was maintained. But it is surely a very intelligent solution.

    #13 if the 2nd ‘e’ was little bigger, readability would have increased.

    #40 is very close to a perfect solution as well. Again I would love to improvise on it. #22 is a similar solution.

  22. Without getting too specific, so many of my favorite designs here unfortunately may not be selected due to some legibility issues. But from an artistic and stylistic standpoint….they are breath-taking!!!! There are a few that are legible, and I like them as well.

    I’m so impressed with the sheer number of submissions and the overall interest worldwide in this unusual and unique artform. It’s fun to see more and more companies wanting ambigrams for their packaging and logos.

    We should plan an ambigram artists CRUISE!!!! Who is in???

  23. hello,

    it’s great seeing multiple/ varying rendition, technique and approach. each challenge is a learning experience, i would PAY to see the process every entrant went through in arriving at the design solution for this symb..

    great job everyone!

  24. I tried to do a simple thing: I imagined to be in a shop and having to buy a bottle of this soda. So I have moved away by the monitor and I looked these logos from a distance (as if I were watching a shelf). To be honest only few of them are readable (recall that the logo will be very small in size on a bottle or a can). Particularly the only one very readable is number 32. Congratulations to the artist. Simple but efficacious!

  25. Hello!!!
    I prefer ambrigram number 32 is very beautiful and esssential in his simplicity.
    I think that his creator used very fantasy and immagination in this work.
    My compliments to whoever yuo are…very good!!!! Bye

  26. I think the designs that are the easiest to read are 2, 5, 17, 20, 22, 40, 42 — either looking at the smaller images here on this page, or when clicking each image for viewing it at a larger size.

    At first glance, and after a little examining, when taken from the point of view of “I am not yet familiar with this new product name that I am looking at,” I find these images hard to read: 9, 12, 16, 29, 30.

    I see that a lot of designs incorporated turning the double E into the O, as I did with one of mine. A few were able to make both G inversions look similar enough for consistency. I like that in a design.

    I think my favorite would be the one on the soda can, #5, especially if the two Gs were more similar. In fact, #5 makes me wish I had used the Greek Key pattern on my favorite of my submitted designs instead of a different entry. Of course, I felt I should list someone else’s design as my overall favorite. I don’t want to say “Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me!!!” … Though I would like it very much if one of mine were chosen. :) Then I’d offer to add the Greek Key pattern to it. :D

  27. [...] keep everyone posted on the results. Keep your fingers crossed!!! Check out the links here: [...]

  28. Two ambigrams added which I missed in an earlier email…my apologies to the contestant!

  29. Great job Bjorn!!! I love all three. Great work!!!

  30. Where did Sonia’s comment go?

  31. Nice works!!!

  32. Sorry Bjorn. I shouldn’t all out other artists. I’m pretty sure I was wrong anyway on my guess. I think I know who submitted the final two now. I won’t call them out though. I have repented.

  33. hi..
    lots of awesome submissions here….after giving all the designs the once over, i have to say that i love most of them!!!
    the ones that i think that have a chance of winning (taking into account readability, legibility, beauty of design etc) are 4, 5, 18 and 22!!..
    the ones i loved as an artist and i wish i had thought of myself are 4,16, 18, 36!! especially 16 and 18!! beeeauuutiful!! after seeing all these brilliant submissions, mine seems to pale into the background in comparison!!

  34. Why was my comment deleted?
    My prefer was and is for #32!

  35. I’m pretty sure I know which is the work of DanAdonaJr based on his previous entries. May I just say that I think your work is incredible!!! You have serious skillz!!

  36. hahaha

    thanks mr mabey… yeah, looking back on my previous submissions and other ambigrams i made it seems i do have a “tell” (in a manner of speaking)… they’re beginning to look the same… i think its time to switch rendering styles… appreciate your kind words, but i’ve seen your work… you sir are AWESOME yourself!


  37. My intention was not to say that your designs all look the same. It was simply to say that you and Mr. Johan Skylling have the ability to polish your work so well, many of us out here could use a lesson or two. :)

  38. Another nice challange with amazing results.
    It’s fascinating to see all these different approaches for this few lettercombinations.
    And I think it’s great to see that a lot of ‘em have a great readabilty. Isn’t it cool how our mind works.
    We can recognize letters everywhere :)

    Nr. 2 – I like the width of the letters. What I miss is the connection between the two ambigrams to join into one design.
    Nr. 5 – Great work! Readable. Consistant style. Nice details. Looks like a german piece ;)
    Nr. 9 – Nice piece of art. I like the coloring, the style and the layout. The idea with the hidden O (behind R) is nice. Really nice. But I am not sure if this ambigram is a logo ;)
    Nr. 16 – Daniel trademark. Need I say more? Awesome!
    Nr. 36 – Looks like a piece inspired by Johan. But I like it. I only think the type is hard to recognize cause of color and contrast. Would love to see the type in a bright gold :)
    Clayton (I don’t want to count all ambigrams) – Looks like we are on the same page. We found nearly the same solution. This one has a great readability. Thanks for your comments. Appreciate it!

    Some words for the rest:
    Cool stuff guys and girls. I am only to lazy to comment every piece :)

    So, I’m looking forward to the next challenge and the winner of this one. Tough choice!
    Nikita, can’t we add numbers to the coming galleries? This ambigram-counting is annoying.
    I would love to see a more free challange next time. Free style, maybe free word – just a theme.


    P.S. I will update my blog to the end of this month.

  39. @ clayton mabey thank you… i am humbled by your kindness, sir

  40. Dan, don’t be fooled by Clayton’s kindness. He is just trying to get close to you so he can knock you off and take your spot. ;)

    Great work everyone!

  41. hahaha….. all is fair….

  42. Hi guys. What beautifull challenge! Now I give you my opinion:
    #1 incomprensible
    #2 nice but too many tinsel
    #3 but too many tinsel
    #4 nice but the “k” is hard to read, is almost inconsistent
    #5 good work but I don’t like colours…are dull colors
    #6 incomprehensible
    #7 incomprehensible
    #8 incomprehensible
    #9 nice but “k” seems to me a “ls” (Greels)
    #10 incomprensible
    #11 incomprensible
    #12 incomprensible
    #13 very hard to read
    #14 Nice. Simple and pure. But the colours…
    #15 incomprehensible
    #16 Daniel Dostal’s style…but is very unreadable!!!
    #17 Good “greek”, but in “gold” are hard to read “O” and “D” seems to me “A”
    #18 Nice but from a distance is hard to read. “R” seems to me a “n” or “p”. Then…too elaborate for a can or bottle…and colours are dull.
    #19 too many tinsel. Hard to read.
    #20 Good “greek”, but “gold” are unreadable
    #21 Nice. Simple and pure. nice idea of the two E one inside the other.
    #22 Nice but from a distance is hard to read. Then, K and D seem to me two A.
    #23 incomprensible
    #24 incomprensible
    #25 In this, the only thing I liked were the two E
    #26 Nice. Simple and pure. But the colours…
    #27 As #4
    #28 incomprehensible
    #29 incomprehensible
    #30 incomprehensible
    #32 In this, I appreciated his simplicity. I tried to do like Gabry and she was right: this is the only one very readable from a distance. Too bad that the rings are not visible from a distance. After this operation is my favourite.
    #33 Nice. Different to the others but D seems to me O
    #34 incomprensible
    #35 It’s equal to #33
    #36 nice but too many tinsel. These make it unreadable
    #37 Hard to read!
    #38 Nice! It’s only difficoult to read L
    #39 I don’t like the style
    #40 it’s the same: #24
    #41As #25
    #42 Nice. I don’t like O so much
    #43 As #22
    #44 As #22

  43. Ouch Nikita! Because of that, I’m going to guess yours next.

  44. @Mr.Da, Gabry, Sonia, Oea,
    I see that you are quite taken by design #32…and quite critical of all the other designs. This if fine…but it appears that you are either the same person making comments under a different IP, or a group of friends making comments about the same design. Either way, your design does have some interesting elements that aren’t bad individually. However, the design struggles aesthetically in a few areas. I have found that the most difficult aspect of ambigram design (for me) is getting multiples of the same letter to work within the same design…and this challenge lends itself to several such obstacles. For example, your G/D flip works and is legible…and your G/E flip also works (slightly less legible), but when you place the “G” in Greek adjacent to the “G” in Gold, they are quite different in style and form from one another, and it makes the design slightly less appealing. Also, I’m not particularly loving the R/L element of your design. All of the other glyphs are quite bold in shape and fairly consistent in thickness, yet your R/L glyph goes in a completely different direction curving around and varying in thickness throughout. The R is very difficult to read and resembles much closer a T. Lastly, to completely disregard one of the glyphs (in this case the inverted K), makes it very difficult to read. (and I will admit, I have done this on occasion, but am never pleased when I do it). Sorry if this has come across as very critical, but several there are SEVERAL designs here that are incredible and that are VERY deserving of a spot on the beverage. :)

  45. @Clayton Mabey
    I am the author of the number 32. I have only now decided to intervene because of criticism from Clayton Mabey. I’ve never posted before because I’m a good person and do not want to influence any decision, but I am compelled now to replicate.
    as I think all of you have told your friends about this challenge, I did the same. so could be friends or not. regardless of this I believe that everyone has the right to say his opinion.
    compared to what I can tell you that I do not appreciate the accusations but I appreciate your criticism of my work. said this, the “R / L” has been done that way because I decided to choose the style capitals. for instance, I do not like to mix both styles, so I decided to model the “R” in that way rather than do the simpler “r”. for example you have used the two styles, which I find incoherent, but they are points of view. the two G will also be different but they are perfectly legible.
    and even the reversed K, I do not think it can disturb the reading as it is not attributable to any known letter, then our brain sees it only as a design element.
    however I’m not a graphic designer and not study to become one. I have not familiar with graphics programs, then I could not actually more enjoyable thing to view. I do not even know how to change fonts. Each letter is created from zero.

  46. Alessandro,
    I should not have implied that the four similar comments were the same person. I am sorry. I agree with you that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I hope you do not take offense to my cririque of your piece. I tried to be respectful and constructive with my comments. Thank you for explaining your work.

  47. No problem Clayton Mabey. I I accept any constructive criticism.
    I take this opportunity to wish you good luck for the challenge!

  48. …and to you as well, good sir. I think these companies who pursue logos this way are quite fortunate to have such a strong showing. There is a lot of quality work here. Best of luck to all!!

  49. What… no winners?

  50. Alfred, we are still ironing out a few things with the sponsor. The winning ambigram and the top 5 will be posted soon. Keep checking back in the next few days!!

  51. I can’t wait to see the results and get the details of the next challenge!

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