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Love is definitely in the air…even if it is a few days late.

The results of the Valentine’s Day Challenge are in! The writers at want to apologize to their readers for being a bit tardy with the results of this challenge, as well as posting the next challenge. Our excuse is simple: we were still recovering from Valentine’s Day! Now, after this brief  mea culpa, onto the results!

The Results

[NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists.  We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

1. Johan Skylling – “Alot of Love”

Alot of Love

Alot of Love

Comment 1: What can we say about this ambigram? Beautifully done. It’s not just a 2D, but a 3D ambigram! It has legibility, aesthetic, color, and exudes the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Great job by a brand new participant of the Ambigram Challenge!

Comment 2: First there were hand-drawn ambigrams, then came computer-drawn raster designs. Just when we thought that vector-drawn ambigrams were the pinnacle in this space, Johan Skylling comes along with an ambigram that looks like it was developed with a full blown CAD system. How you did that, we have no idea, but you definitely got our attention… and first place!

2. Daniel Dostal

Comment 1: As always, Daniel Dostal is either close to the top or at the top with his work. The curved lettering, the decorations, and the style is vintage Daniel Dostal. Congratulations for another top 5 finish Daniel!

Comment 2: Although Daniel’s work is anything but predictable, his does have consistency: he somehow rises to the top of the ambigram challenge list week-after-week. This submission is no exception. He obviously puts a lot of time into his designs, and it shows. Every curve is pulled to perfection, and the more you study his designs, the more you appreciate them.

3. Michael Irving

Comment 1: Michael Irving is another ambigrammist that has frequented the Ambigram Challenge. His lettering style is simple, consistent, easily recognizable, and legible. This particular ambigram has a great flow and rhythm to it. Wonderful job once again!

Comment 2: Welcome back, Michael. It’s great to see you here week-after-week, and it’s great that you are still doing well in the competitions. While there were more complex designs in the competition, this one actually won us over with it’s legibility and simplicity.

4. Ihsan Ekaputra

Comment 1: Ihsan is another Ambigram Challenge newbie. The lettering has really great curves, and the subtle hint of the heart as your ‘token’ Valentine’s Day element isn’t over the top; as the fairy tale goes, it’s just right!

Comment 2: That’s the way to make a debut! What a great first entry. It also goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to have a full-color design with drop shadows and rendered lighting to do well in the contest. We hope to see you back again, Ihsan!

By the way, its interesting to see how your letter intersections compare with Nicholas Gilbert’s ambigram of the word “Valentines”, pictured below. Great minds think alike!

5. Carl Mehling

Comment 1: Carl is also an Ambigram Challenge newcomer. This ambigram is a rarity amongst all the entries that have been received for the last few ambigram challenges. It strays away from the pen, pencil, computers, Wacom tablets, and…uses nothing natural elements. Maybe the chalk isn’t a natural element, but we can pretend that it’s limestone, which would make this ambigram 100% natural! Nice job on the hand lettering and a very unique medium.

Comment 2: This made it into the top 5 because of its originality, plain and simple. Other ambigrams in the contest were perhaps a bit better, but these photos definitely caught our attention, as its really nothing we had seen before. Is the ambigram actually carved into the stone?

A word on ACAC4: Valentine’s Day

This was definitely a newcomer’s challenge. Thirteen of the entrants were brand new to the Ambigram Challenge! We’re extremely happy to see the challenge expanding and seeing more and more new faces with every challenge. Here are a few more entries that we thought were worth mentioning.

Stijn Hommes

Deden Rohman Gumilang

Jen Winklepleck

Nicholas Gilbert

Comments: Super nice ambigram, Nicholas.  It just fell short of making the top 5 list this month.

Daniel Sanchez

A big thank you to all the participants! The work was fantastic yet again…keep up the great work!

Next Challenge: What could it be?

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  1. WOW! The winning design is really amazing and very inspiring!
    It would be nice if we could get links to the websites of the participants.

    I will be back with a design of my own for the next contest.

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  3. First, a BIG thanks to for hosting the ambigram challenge. Love it! Love it! Love it!

    My hats off to Johan Skylling for such a wonderful design. Incredible! It’s an instant favorite!

    I’m a Big fan of Daniel Dostal’s work. I’ve seen this design before and am inspired by the decorative work and the strategy used for attacking the ambigram.

    My ambigram is one of the Valentine’s Day ambigrams. It was influenced by Valentine’s Day candy packaging and believe it was executed it perfectly.

    Thanks to everyone who entered. It’s good to see all the different approaches taken.

    Nicholas Gilbert

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