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The results of the Music Challenge are in!

Once again, the challenge saw many regulars, and a bunch of new challengers!  Welcome aboard to those artists just joining us, but we have to warn you… the competition around here has been getting fierce.  As always, the challenge brought out some excellent entries.

While some artists focused on generic words like “music” or “melody”, most of the ambigram submissions were for specific musicians or musical groups.  In fact, I bet we could learn a bit about the musical tastes of the artists just from looking at their design submissions!

OK, let’s get down to the results…

The Results

[NOTE: All If applicable, designs may be copyrighted by the respective artists.  We have permission to post them here, but you must get permission from the artist for any other use of their design, or to post them elsewhere.]

1. Daniel Dostal – “Chopin”

Chopin (Daniel Dostal)

Chopin (Daniel Dostal)

Comment: After taking the silver medal (second place) in 3 of the last 4 ambigram challenges, Daniel Dostal breaks through with this amazing “Chopin” ambigram, which would be very worthy of being featured on the cover of a CD.  The legibility of the design is enhanced with the overall classical music “feel” of the typography, as well as the sheet music incorporated directly into the design.  The hiding of the first name partially in the flourishes probably wasn’t completely necessary, but it shows that Daniel pays attention to every detail.

Congratulations on making it to the top of the ambigram challenge, Daniel!

2. Michael Irving – “Beatles”

Beatles (Michael Irving)

Beatles (Michael Irving)

Comment: Another consistent top 5 finisher is Michael Irving, with this excellent second place finish of his “Beatles” ambigram set.  Not only did Michael do a great job with the band title, he incorporated 4 secondary ambigrams with the names of the Fab Four below, each of which would have made a great ambigram on its own.  While Michael had several good submissions in this challenge, this particular design snagged him the silver medal.  Nice work, Michael.

3. Scott Kim – “Brahms”

Brahms (Scott Kim)

Brahms (Scott Kim)

Comment: Scott Kim is back with his “Brahms” ambigram.  To really appreciate this ambigram, you need to recognize the tremendous interconnectivity of the letters.  There is not a single one-to-one letter inversion in the entire design!  Ambigrams of this complexity are incredibly hard, and legibility often suffers, but the co-inventor of ambigrams shows with this design that he still has lessons to teach us all.  Nice work, Scott!

4. Johan Skylling – “I Love Rock n Roll”

I Love Rock n Roll (Johan Skylling)

I Love Rock n Roll (Johan Skylling)

Comment: Fresh off his gold medal rookie win in the last challenge, Johan Skylling comes back into the top 5 with this “I Love Rock n Roll” ambigram.  This is another complex design that begs you to follow the letter contortions to see how they form the opposite orientation.  While not quite as legible as the top 3 entries in this round (or his amazing entry in the last contest), this design again shows that Skylling is going to be a force to contend with in future contests.

5. Jennifer Thorn – “Pachelbel”

Pachelbel (Jennifer Thorne)

Pachelbel (Jennifer Thorne)

Comment: Jennifer Thorne breaks into the top 5 list with what we believe is her first submission to the ambigram challenge.  Her tribute to the classical composer is another entry that would have made a fine CD cover, and her expert use of flourishes in one orientation that become functional in the other is a sign of great things to come from her in the future.  Excellent work, Jennifer!

As always, we restrict the “winner’s list” to the top 5 entries, but as always, there are other designs that we want to highlight as well.

Here are some other entries that deserve an “honorable mention”:

Regar Julis – “Decrescendo / Crescendo”

Decrescendo / Crescendo

Decrescendo / Crescendo

Regar Julius submits a great first submission that is the only symbiotogram (an ambigram reading differently in each direction) in the challenge.  It was also the only hand-drawn design.

Michael Irving – “rhythm”

rhythm (Michael Irving)

rhythm (Michael Irving)

Although Michael was already in the top 5, his other designs were excellent, too.  We particularly liked this ambigram of the word “rhythm”.

Ihsan Ekaputra – “Sing”

Sing (Ihsan Ekaputra)

Sing (Ihsan Ekaputra)


Nanda Kumar – “Sound of Music”

Sound of Music (Nanda Kumar)

Sound of Music (Nanda Kumar)

Congratulations to all of our challenges in the Music challenge.

The next challenge will be announced on May 1st.  Stay tuned…

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  1. I’ve seen Chopin ambigram by Mr. Dostal before, and I know it will be the winner this time. Great work Mr. Dostal

  2. anyone knows Johan skylling site ??

  3. Congratulations Daniel!
    You truly are an amazing artist! My hat of for the rest of the artists.

    I’m a bit ashamed to say that I don’t have a site at the moment :(
    I’m gonna fix that in a near future…if I get my ROCKS off.

  4. i proud for this site. ambigram challange.. full of inovation..
    i like Mr.Dostal-Chopin and Ekaputra-Sing ambigram so much..
    and all the design is good..
    let’s see what the next challange..
    i wait for that.. hehe.

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  6. where’s the new challenge ??? now is may 2

  7. It’s funny. Waiting for the new challenge is like waiting for christmas. Please tell the new theme, guys …

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